Yahoo! Mail Message and Attachment Size Limits

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Yahoo! Mail has a message size limit, but there are ways around it.

How Much Is Too Much?

A gram may not be much, but compare it to a byte: schlepping 30 kilo-grams over the alps is an arduous, rewarding task; sending 30 kilo-bytes by email around the world is nothing.

30 mega-bytes, then again, may be too much—too much for Yahoo! Mail. Let's find out what the limits are and what Yahoo! Mail can stem.

Yahoo! Mail Message and Attachment Size Limits

Yahoo! Mail lets you send emails up to

  • 25 MB in total size.

This size encompasses both

How Can I Reduce the Size of a  Message?

If a message you are about to send in Yahoo! Mail exceeds the limit, you can employ a number of strategies to cut it down to size:

  • Compress attached files using an archiving utility.
    • Many files you share—such as photos, videos or sound files—are already compressed well, so this will not help much; compression can be useful for spread sheets and word processing documents, for example, though.
  • If you multiple files to send, you can attach them to more than one message.
  • Use a file sharing service such as Dropbox to send the files; see below for using Dropbox from within Yahoo! Mail.

Sending Larger Files with Yahoo! Mail

To send a file larger than Yahoo! Mail (or the recipient's email service) allows, you can use a file sending service or share with Dropbox right from Yahoo!


  1. Click the downward-pointed arrow head next to the Attach File paperclip icon while composing a message in Yahoo! Mail.
  2. Select Share from Dropbox from the menu that has appeared.
  3. If your Yahoo! Mail account is not yet connected to Dropbox:
    1. Click OK under Share from Dropbox.
    2. Now click log in.
      • ​You can also use the form to create a new Dropbox account using your Yahoo! Mail address (or any other email address), of course.
    3. Enter your Dropbox user name and password, then click Sign in.
    4. Click Link account under Link your Dropbox account to Yahoo and skip the sign in when using Dropbox on Yahoo Mail..
  1. To send a file already in your Dropbox:
    1. Use SearchRecent files or your Dropbox folders (under Files) to locate the file.
  2. To send a file not yet in your Dropbox:
    1. Click Upload.
    2. Find and highlight the files you want to upload from your computer.
    3. Click Choose.
      • ​You can, of course, also upload using a synchronized Dropbox folder on your computer or device.
  3. Click to highlight the file you want to share in the email from Yahoo! Mail.
    • ​You can highlight to select multiple documents, of course.
  4. ​Click Choose.
  5. Continue composing the email and eventually send it.
    • Yahoo! Mail has automatically inserted a link to the shared Dropbox file or files.
    • You can make the link appear smaller by hovering the mouse over the downward-pointed arrow head in it and selecting Small from the menu
    • To move a link to the bottom of the message (and outside the message's text itself):
      1. ​Click the downward-pointed arrow head inside the Dropbox link.
      2. Select Move to bottom from the menu that has appeared.

(Updated March 2016)

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