What Is AT&T Watch TV?

This discontinued service served certain AT&T subscribers

AT&T has discontinued its Watch TV streaming service, which was an inexpensive, $15-per-month option that served customers with certain AT&T Wireless plans. Existing subscribers can still use the service, but no new subscribers are being accepted. AT&T is instead focusing on its AT&T TV service and AT&T TV NOW streaming service.

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AT&T Watch TV is a television streaming service that delivers live TV without a cable or satellite subscription. It's priced at $15 per month, offering CNN and a few other channels to AT&T subscribers with certain qualifying unlimited wireless plans.

AT&T owns satellite television provider DirecTV. The company launched a streaming service called DirecTV Now, which was later rebranded as AT&T TV NOW. This streaming service offers a variety of channel packages for users to stream via a streaming device or Samsung Smart TV.

AT&T also has a TV service called AT&T TV, which requires an Android set-top box and a two-year contract, so it has more similarities to a traditional cable TV service.

As it phases out AT&T Watch TV, the company is encouraging users to check out its other streaming offerings.

How Does AT&T Watch TV Work?

AT&T Watch TV requires a high-speed internet connection and at least one compatible device. The service works with both Apple and Android phones and tablets, as well as television streaming devices like Roku and Apple TV. Users can also stream the service to a computer's web browser.

At $15 per month, AT&T Watch TV is very affordable but features significantly fewer channels than most competing services.

Services similar to AT&T Watch TV include Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Hulu, though these services have many more channels.

How to Access AT&T Watch TV

If you're a current AT&T Watch subscriber with a qualifying AT&T unlimited wireless service, you can still access and use the plan. Visit AT&T Watch TV to log in to your account.

For those who still have access to the service, here are a few details about AT&T Watch TV:

  • Only one device can stream AT&T Watch TV at any one time. There's no way to increase the number of streams you're allowed.
  • No add-ons or special features are available.
  • On-demand content has ads.
  • Live TV is available in a traditional interface that's easy to navigate.
  • AT&T Watch doesn't have a DVR function, so you can't record shows.
  • There is a selection of on-demand movies and shows in the service's My Library section.

AT&T now advertises the addition of HBO Max as a perk when you sign up for an unlimited plan, instead of AT&T Watch TV.

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