AT&T Offers Major Discount on Galaxy Foldables—Here's the Scoop

Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro, too

Samsung just unveiled two new foldable devices, the Galaxy Z Flip4 and the Galaxy Z Fold4, but at $1,000 and $1,700, respectively, these new gadgets may be out of reach for many consumers.

Or are they? AT&T is making the high price tags more palatable by offering substantial deals on both devices. The company says they will give out the Galaxy Z Flip4 for free and contribute $1,000 toward the purchase of a Galaxy Z Fold4, as long as you preorder through the provider and jump through a few hoops.

Samsung Z Fold4


Here is how it works. You have to already own a Galaxy phone, though there are no limits regarding age or condition. When you trade this phone in upon preordering, you receive $1,000 in promo credits, adding up to the cost of a Z Flip4 or a large chunk of the cost for a Z Fold4. This promo brings the price of the Z Fold4 down to just $800. 

Preorders also include a Samsung case and a memory upgrade for the phone of your choice. You can queue up to preorder the Z Flip4 or preorder the Z Fold4, right now.

The telecom provider has not officially detailed how these promo credits work, but in the past, AT&T has not simply taken the amount off at checkout but rather required consumers to opt-in for a full contract, with small monthly discounts accruing each month. They also may place restrictions on available contract types. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch


The robust rebates don’t stop at foldable gadgets, either. AT&T is also offering deep discounts on the just-announced Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro. Preordering one watch will get you a second one for $430 off. 

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