How to Get the AT&T Military Discount

Active duty and veterans in good standing are all eligible, as well as spouses

What to Know

  • Sign up online or in an AT&T store.
  • Active duty members must use their .mil email address while veterans and family can use other proof.
  • The discount requires AutoPay and paperless billing agreements.

This article explains who is eligible for the AT&T military and veteran discount, plus how to get the deal.

How the AT&T Military Discount Works

AT&T offers a pretty generous discount to those affiliated with the military: It's a flat 25 percent discount on unlimited plans and includes 5G access for compatible devices.

You do need to sign up for AutoPay and paperless billing to take advantage of this discount.

Who Qualifies for This Discount

Both active-duty members, as well as veterans who have been honorably discharged, are eligible for AT&T's military discount program. Spouses of both living and deceased members can also apply; they need to provide a valid Department of Defense sponsorship card.

To apply as a primary member, you'll need to show one of the following depending on the member's status:

  • Dept. of Defense form DD214
  • Veteran ID Card
  • Veteran-designated driver’s license
  • Valid retired military ID
  • Current AMVETS membership card
  • Veteran Health Insurance card
  • VetRewards card

Active duty members must apply with their .mil email address.

How to Apply

You can apply for the discount at any AT&T store, but you can also submit your information online.

Active duty members can check their eligibility and complete the sign-up process by entering their information on the AT&T savings eligibility page. To get started, enter your military email address and click Submit. Follow the prompts from there to enter your personal information.

The savings eligibility page for active duty veterans with email address field highlighted.

Veterans can sign up on the AT&T military veteran discounts page. Check the qualifying veteran box and tap Yes, let's get started. Follow the prompts to add your personal details.

The AT&T veterans discount page showing the Yes, Let's get started button.

Both existing AT&T customers and those new to the company can apply. Once you're approved, you can use your existing phone or purchase a new one.

It can take up to 14 days for AT&T to confirm your eligibility.

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