What Is an ATOMSVC File?

How to open, edit, & convert ATOMSVC files


A file with the ATOMSVC file extension is an Atom Service Document file. It's sometimes called a Data Service Document file or Data Feed ATOM file.

An ATOMSVC file is a regular text file, formatted like an XML file, that defines how a document should reach a data source. This means there isn't any real data in an ATOMSVC file, but instead just text addresses, or references to the real resources.

ATOMSVC files are similar to ATOM files in that they're both XML-based text files that refer to remote data. However, ATOM files (like .RSS files) are usually used by news and RSS readers as a way to stay updated with news and other content from websites.

How to Open an ATOMSVC File

Microsoft Excel is able to open ATOMSVC files using PowerPivot, but you can't just double-click the file and expect it to open like how most files do.

Instead, with Excel open, go to the Insert > PivotTable menu and then select the Use an external data source option. Click or tap the Choose Connection... button, then Browse for More... to locate the ATOMSVC file, and then decide whether to insert the table into a new worksheet or the existing one.

Newer versions of Excel have PowerPivot integrated into the program by default, but the PowerPivot for Excel add-in must be installed in order to open an ATOMSVC file in MS Excel 2010. On the download page, choose the amd64.msi link or x86.msi link to get the 64-bit or 32-bit version, respectively. Make sure you know what version of Windows you're running before you choose.

Since they're just plain text files, an ATOMSVC file can open with any text editor too, like Windows Notepad. There are many download links to advanced text editors that work with Windows and macOS.

Microsoft SQL Server should also be able to open ATOMSVC files, as might other programs that deal with large sets of data.

If you find that an application on your PC does try to open the ATOMSVC file but it's the wrong application or if you would rather have another installed program open ATOMSVC files, you can always change the default program for a specific file extension, in Windows.

How to Convert an ATOMSVC File

We don't know of any special tool or converter that can save an ATOMSVC file to another format. However, since they're used to pull information from some other data source, if you open one in Excel so as to import that data, it's possible that you may then be able to save the Excel document to another spreadsheet or text format. Excel can save formats like CSV and XLSX.

We haven't tried ourselves to confirm this, but using this method wouldn't really be converting the ATOMSVC file itself into another format, just the data that it pulled down into Excel. However, you can use a text editor to convert the ATOMSVC file to another text-based format like HTML or TXT since the ATOMSVC file itself contains only text.

Most file formats that are more widely used, like MP3 and PNG, can be converted using a free file converter. To my knowledge, there just aren't any that support this format.

Still Can't Open Your File?

If your file doesn't open with the programs mentioned above, double-check the file extension to make sure you're not misreading it. It can be easy to confuse file formats with one another since some file extensions look alike.

For example, SVC files might look related to ATOMSVC files since they share the same last three file extension letters, but those are actually WCF Web Service files that open with Visual Studio. The same idea is true for other file extensions that might look like they resemble the Atom Service Document format, like SCV.

If you don't really have an ATOMSVC file, research the real file extension to learn which programs can open or convert that specific file.

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