What Is an ATF File?

There are several file formats that use the ATF file extension, and each kind opens with a different program

What to Know

  • Some ATF files are associated with Photoshop. These are transfer function files that can open through the Curves tool.
  • Other ATF files could be Adobe Texture Format files used to store image data for video games.
  • How you open those files, and others like Axon text files, depends on the format the file is in.

This article explains a few different formats that use the ATF file extension, plus how to open and convert each type.

What Is an ATF File?

A file with the ATF file extension could be an Adobe Photoshop transfer function file. It stores settings that allow pictures transferred to film to be printed in the proper color. ATF is the extension used in Windows, while the macOS equivalent is 8BTF.

Unrelated to Photoshop, some ATF files you find may be Adobe Texture Format files, a container format used to store image data for certain games created using Stage3D. Since it's a container format, a single ATF file can deliver textures to multiple platforms, like iOS, Android, and Windows.

The ATF extension is also used by GenePix analysis software as Axon text files, a plain text format.

AlternativaPlayer uses this same file extension for a format that stores 3D model textures.

photoshop atf files

ATF is also short for terms that are unrelated to any of the file formats described on this page. Some examples are automatic test facility and advanced title format.

How to Open an ATF File

ATF files that are related to Adobe Photoshop can be opened with (you guessed it!) Photoshop.

To do this in modern versions of Photoshop, go to Image > Adjustments > Curves > select the small menu/settings button > Load Preset. Change the file type at the bottom of that window to Transfer Functions (*.ATF), and then select the file and choose Load.

atf file from photoshop curves tool

If you're using Photoshop 7, go to Edit > Print with Preview to find the option to import the file. Or, look for Page Setup or Print Options in older versions.

You should be able to open Adobe Texture Format ATF files in any game engine that supports Stage3D, like Starling. Otherwise, use a converter program to save the file to a more common format supported by any image viewer (see how to do this below). Another option for opening this file is to use ATFViewer (part of ATF Tools).

Axon text files are similar to a database or spreadsheet file. This means that Excel, as well as most free spreadsheet software programs, are probably the best bet for these. Since they are text files, any text editor will do the job, too, like Notepad++ (see this Best Free Text Editors list for other options). This format is also used by the Molecular Devices GenePix software.

Even though Axon text files can most likely be viewed correctly using a spreadsheet program like Excel, it's important to understand that Excel (and probably most other spreadsheet tools) doesn't recognize files ending in .ATX. This means instead of double-clicking the file to open it, you have to open the program first and then use the Open menu to find the file.

The only way we know to open ATX files that are Alternativa textures is with Alternativa Games software. However, there's a good chance that your file belongs to one of the other formats we already mentioned.

If your file isn't opening with the programs that have already been discussed, double-check to make sure you're reading the file extension correctly. Some files, like AFT (Ancestry.com family tree database) files, share the same letters as ATF files but really have nothing at all to do with the format.

How to Convert an ATF File

Adobe Texture Format files can be converted to PNG images using the free ATF2PNG tool. Once the file is in the PNG format, you can use just about any free image converter to save that to JPG, GIF, BMP, etc.

Also, see the Starling Manual for help converting an ATF file using command-line commands.

Any text editor can convert an Axon text file to another text-based format. You might also be able to use the GenePix software to save it to some other format.

We don't see any reason for converting Photoshop transfer function files. Also, given that we don't know of any way to open Alternativa texture files, we also know of no converter that can be used in that format.

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