AT&T Adds More to Unlimited Elite Plan

Including 4K streaming and true unlimited data

AT&T is updating its Unlimited Elite plan to include more features than ever before.

AT&T announced Monday that it would be instituting several new changes to its Unlimited Elite phone plan, currently the company’s highest-cost mobile plan. CNETreports that the previous iteration of Unlimited Elite featured what AT&T described as “unlimited data,” but only allowed for up to 100GB of high-speed data (5G, etc.) before throttling. 

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Now, though, AT&T looks to be removing that 100GB limit and allowing customers to use as much high-speed data as they want. As before, customers who subscribe to this plan will still be eligible for HBO Max as well. The new changes are part of the company’s push to listen to its customers, says Jennifer Van Buskirk, senior vice president of wireless marketing at AT&T.

“We listen to our customers, appreciate them, and want to make it easy for them to get the most out of their wireless plans,” Buskirk said in the announcement. “With these Unlimited Elite enhancements, we are making it simple by automatically adding these enhancements for all our Elite customers—they don’t have to do a thing.”

Additionally, AT&T is adding support for 4K streaming, as well as increasing the amount of mobile hotspot data rewarded to users each month. The new mobile hotspot limit will give users access to 40GB of data, an additional 10GB over the previous 30GB allowance included with the device plan. AT&T also noted that the plan’s overall cost will not be changing, so these new features will come to customers at no extra charge.

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