Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition (X360) Info

Batman Arkham GOTY box
Batman Arkham GOTY box. Warner Bros. Interactive

Warner Bros. Interactive, Eidos, and developer Rocksteady Studios have released the definitive version of their smash hit (and one of our Top Ten Xbox 360 Games of 2009), Batman: Arkham Asylum in the Batman: Arkham Asylum (Game of the Year) edition.

It has to be noted that there isn't a ton of added content here, so if you already have the original release of Batman: AA it is hard to justify picking this up for another $49.99.

Of course, if you haven't already played Arkham Asylum, this is definitely the version you should get.

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What Does the GOTY Version Come With?

First, obviously, it has the full original release with all of the challenge maps as well as four extra maps that were store pre-order exclusives when the game launched. Second, even though the actual Achievement list is the same (as in you do the same exact actions to earn the Achievements), the game is considered a different game from the original release, so it offers another 1000 Gamerscore for you to earn. Third, it lets you play through the game in 3D.


Yes, 3D. Not gorgeous and perfect "Avatar" 3D, but not cheesy 1980's "Stuff flies off the screen at you" 3D, either. It is fairly subtle, really. You wear a pair of paper glasses with pink and green lenses and things like the HUD and little background details sort of pop out at you.

Honestly, it is kind of cool to start with, but it isn't really used all that much. There are very rarely any "Wow" moments where the 3D is really justified. Also, turning the 3D effect on kind of makes the game blurry, and the glasses make the colors washed out. It is sort of a neat gimmick, but not something that is worth buying the game again for.

It is entirely optional, though, and easily turned on or off via the menu.

Can You Play As The Joker?

One other note is that the PS3 exclusive feature of playing as The Joker in challenges is not included in this release like a lot of people had hoped. I guess they weren't kidding when they made it a PS3 exclusive.

Bottom Line

All in all, the Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY edition is easily the best version of the game you can buy. There isn't a ton of added value here, but there definitely is more stuff to do thanks to the new challenge maps and the 3D is kind of cool for a while.

The main thing I took away from playing it is just how great of a game Arkham Asylum was to begin with. I loved it last year when I played through it the first time, and now playing it again is every bit as enjoyable. This game is amazingly good whether you are a Batman fan or not.

If you didn't bother with Arkham Asylum the first time, I highly recommend you pick up the GOTY edition. If you had it and sold it but want to play it again, the GOTY is a great way to do it as you'll be able to earn some more Gamerscore. If you still have your original release of the game, it is a little harder to recommend since there isn't a ton of extra features here.

In that case, it mostly depends on how much you liked the game to begin with, and what price you can buy the GOTY edition for (I've seen it as low as $30 already ...). In any case, it is a great game that deserves to be played.

See our full guide to "Game of the Year Edition" Games here.  Batman: Arkham City also got a GOTY edition, but it is better known as "Game of The Year 10 Out of 10" Edition (see the article for why).