Asus Teases Powerful Portable Game Console to Rival the Steam Deck

The ROG Ally is lightweight and runs Windows 11

Asus just announced a new portable console set to do battle with Valve's Steam Deck and, of course, the iconic Nintendo Switch. 

The ROG Ally certainly seems like a powerful contender, with an AMD Ryzen Z1 series processor that the company says can "breeze through AAA games and indie titles with ease." To that end, much of the design focuses on heat dispersal, with dual-fan thermal, thin heatsink fins, and high-friction heat pipes. The end result? A console that is cool to the touch, no matter the orientation.

Asus ROG Ally


One initial benefit over the Steam Deck? The ROG Ally runs Windows 11, making for easier access to certain game stores and distribution platforms, as the Steam Deck runs on a proprietary version of Linux. This is also an extremely light and portable handheld gaming device, despite the high-end specs, as it weighs just over one pound (21 ounces.) 

Like all modern handhelds, there is a touchscreen onboard and plenty of backlights (500 nits) to help view content when playing outdoors. The 120Hz display is 1080p and integrates with FreeSync Premium for increased motion clarity and reduced stuttering when experiencing drops in frame rate. The ROG Ally also features dual Dolby Atmos speakers, upgradeable storage of up to 512GB, and 16GB of dual-channel RAM.



Asus remains mum regarding pricing and release date information but is holding a launch event May 11. The company also announced that the handheld ships with 90 days of Xbox Game Pass, which is nothing to sneeze at. It has also not announced any information regarding battery life, which is typically a point of concern for modern handhelds.

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