ASUS Releases New Firmware for Windows 11 Compatibility

Some systems haven't made the cut yet, but the list is still growing

With the release of Windows 11 approaching, ASUS has begun preparing several of its motherboards with new firmware

ASUS wants to make sure it's prepared for the Windows 11 release later this year by rolling out new Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) updates for many of its motherboards. You can either download the newest firmware update for Windows 11 support, or manually enable support if you have an Intel or AMD model board.

The Asus Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI Motherboard.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc

The new ASUS firmware will automatically enable Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for AMD boards and Platform Trust Technology (PTT) for Intel boards. As The Verge points out, TPM has been a point of confusion in the past, as the BIOS would sometimes refer to it as PPT or "PSP fTPM."

So it seems that ASUS wants to try and avoid further confusion by enabling TPM automatically.

ASUS warns that, because Windows 11 has not been officially released yet, there could be stability issues with the Insider Preview build.

Partial list of Windows 11 compatible ASUS boards

ASUSTeK Computer Inc

As Twitter user @monntolentino noted, "I updated my BIOS (already in Win 11 btw) and it turned off resize bar and PTT which are enabled already. + on top of this, I had a good hour or two fixing Armoury Crate on my Prime Z590-A as it suddenly couldn't control my lightings. I had to do a bunch of reinstall and nothing!"

Instructions on how to update your BIOS, either automatically or manually, have been posted on the ASUS website, along with a list of chipsets that have been updated. It's a pretty exhaustive list so you might need to use Command/Control F to find your model, but you'll be able to see at a glance if it already has an update or is still "under testing."

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