20-inch All-In-One System For Under $400


While it is still possible to find the ASUS ET2031IUK for sale at some retailers, ASUS has essentially discontinued it in favor of more up to date systems. If you are looking for a more current all-in-one PC, be sure to check out my Best All-In-One PCs list.

The Bottom Line

Oct 1 2014 - For those that just need a basic computer, the ASUS ET2031IUK-01 is very compelling thanks to its low price tag and excellent multitouch display. The low cost does have its drawbacks though as the system does have a limited performance for those that might want to do some more complicated tasks and it removes features like a DVD drive. The display also fails to reach up to a full 1080p display making it a bit less useful for entertainment purposes.


  • Low Cost
  • Excellent Multitouch Display


  • Performance Below Most All-In-One Desktops
  • Lacks DVD Drive
  • Display Does Not Support 1080p Video


  • Intel Celeron 2995U Dual-Core Mobile Processor
  • 4GB PC3-12800 DDR3 Memory
  • 500GB 7200rpm SATA Hard Drive
  • 19.5" WSXGA+ (1600x900) Multitouch Display With Intel HD Graphics 4400 Integrated Graphics
  • Intel HDA Audio with Stereo Speakers
  • Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n Wireless, Bluetooth
  • Two USB 3.0, Two USB 2.0, HDMI (out), 720p Webcam, 6-in-1 Card Reader
  • 18.78" x 14.89" x 7.12"
  • Windows 8.1 Bing

Review - ASUS ET2031IUK-01

Oct 1 2014 - Many people don't need much when it comes to a computer these days. The ASUS ET2031IUK-01 is designed to fill the needs of those that just need a basic system at a low cost. The system looks like a standard all-in-one built into the display. It is certainly thicker than a standard monitor but this houses all the PC components. Construction is mostly of plastic but once again it works just fine even though it may not be the most stylish of designs.

Powering the ASUS ET2031IUK-01 is an Intel Celeron 2995 dual-core mobile processor. Now, this is a processor that has gained a lot of popularity specifically in the Chromebook segment. It is not a high powered processor but it does provide sufficient performance for basic computer use of web browsing, media watching, and productivity software. It is going to be much slower when it comes to more demanding applications like photo editing when compared to faster mobile processor based all-in-ones and nothing compared to those using desktop processors. The processor is matched up with 4GB of DDR3 memory which provides a decent experience with Windows 8 but will slow down those demanding tasks.

Storage for the ASUS ER2031IUK-01 is very basic. It uses a standard hard drive with a fairly limited 500GB of storage space. This will do alright but will quickly get filled up for anyone that happens to have a lot of digital media files especially video stored on their PC. If you need additional space, there are two MUSB 3.0 ports on the back of the display that can be used with high-speed external storage. That is pretty much it for all the USB ports as well since the mouse and keyboard will use up the other tow USB 2.0 ports. To further keep the costs down, there is no DVD burner on the system so those that need this feature will have to use an external USB model.

The display is one area that the ASUS ET2031IUK-01 actually fares pretty well. It uses the same 19.5-inch display panel that is used on their ASUS Portable AiO PT2001. This is a multitouch capable panel that uses IPS technology that provides it with a bright and colorful display. The only real downside is that the display tops out at 1600x900 native resolution so it does not fully support 1080p high definition video. Unlike the tablet like AiO PT2001, this is not covered by glass which helps a bit with glare and reflections. The graphics are handled by the Intel HD Graphics that are built into the Celeron processor. This should do fine for most basic tasks but it does lack 3D performance for playing 3D games except at the lowest detail and resolution settings. It does at least help with tasks like media encoding when using Quick Sync compatible applications.

One major difference with this low-cost system and many other systems is the software. Microsoft has introduced a new Windows 8.1 Bing version that it provides to manufacturers for low-cost systems such as this. Now, on the whole, it operates pretty much the same as a normal Windows 8.1 system. The big difference is the prominence of the Microsoft Bing software applications that are loaded onto it. Many people can probably avoid these applications but it is something to be aware of.

Pricing for the ASUS ET2031IUK-01 is very compelling with a list price of $380 and can be found for as little as $330 in stores. It is not the only low-cost option out there, though. For instance, LG now offers its Chromebase system for roughly the same price with the same processor but less memory and storage space. It does use a larger and higher resolution display but does not have a multitouch surface. Of course, this is running the ChromeOS operating system meaning the experience is more like using a Chromebook than a PC. Lenovo also has their C260 which uses a desktop version of the Celeron with a bit more performance and also a larger hard drive but it also has just one USB 3.0 port. Finally, Dell's Inspiron 20 3000 is more expensive at $450 for the non-touch version but it uses a desktop Pentium processor for more performance and features a 1TB drive and DVD burner.