10 YouTube Accounts That Post Relaxing ASMR Videos

Videos That Will Give That Oh-So-Good Tingly Sensation!

One of the fastest growing and absolute weirdest trends on social video platforms like YouTube and Instagram nowadays is ASMR videos. Social media, it seems, is turning into a source for stress relief.

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response—a sensory experience typically triggered by certain sounds, sights and even feelings of human connection. It's a bit difficult to explain to anyone who's never experienced it before, but most people who are ASMR sensitive describe feeling a euphoric tingling sensation that starts at their scalp and flows down their spine or throughout other parts of their bodies in a way that feels very relaxing and satisfying.

ASMR videos feature super simple, mundane things like voices whispering softly or fingers tapping on a hard surface. In comparison to flashy music videos, movie trailers, viral comedy videos and other types of super stimulating content that makes up much of YouTube, these types videos offer something so much simpler that it almost seems strange to see them there.

Videos designed to trigger ASMR continue to grow in view counts by the millions, but according to New Scientist, YouTube enthusiasts are indulging so much in the videos to help them relax that they're actually desensitizing themselves to their ASMR triggers. And since ASMR is still largely a scientific mystery, nobody knows why or how this is happening.

If you want to find out if you're ASMR sensitive, or if you already know you are and just want to find some different videos to watch, check out the list below. Just make sure not to overdo it so you can avoid desensitizing yourself!

Screenshot of GentleWhispering via YouTube

GentleWhispering is the most popular ASMR YouTube account with over 800,000 subscribers. Run by a Russian woman named Maria, her videos feature a lot of soft speaking, whispering and other soothing sounds designed to help viewers relax and even lull them to sleep. She has videos both where she speaks in English and in Russian.

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Screenshot of Asmrsurge via YouTube.com

A lot of ASMR YouTube accounts feature the individual using his or her face and voice as the focus of the experience, but Asmrsurge is different. This account's videos put the focus on a pair of hands doing interesting activities. One of Asmrsurge's most viewed videos is its 45-minute soap carving video, where viewers can watch and listen to all sorts of interesting sounds being created by the grinding and shaping soap.

Cosmic Tingles ASMR
Screenshot of Cosmic Tingles ASMR via YouTube

Kayla Suzette has an incredibly wide range of ASMR videos on her Cosmic Tingles ASMR channel. If you particularly love listening to stories, you might really like some of the role-playing videos she has where she creates relaxing environments and records soothing sounds with her voice or other objects as she pretends to go on treasure hunts, give virtual head massages and more. 

FredsVoice ASMR
Screenshot of FredsVoice ASMR via YouTube


Another creative ASMR YouTube fellow is a British guy named Fred who's also pretty big on role-playing. You can find him whispering his way through different scenarios and creating other types of soothing sounds along the way. Believe it or not, he even has an entire video dedicated to "ASMR Immunity" for those who've seemed to desensitize themselves from watching too many ASMR videos.

ASMR Darling
Screenshot of ASMR Darling via YouTube

​Taylor, the young lady who runs ASMR Darling, doesn't have as many videos as some of the others on this list, but the ones she does have are recorded with a professional microphone and are just as high-quality and soothing as anything else. Her videos feature gentle dog petting, long hair brushing, coloring with colored pencils and more.

Screenshot of RaffyTaphyASMR via YouTube.com

If you get spine tingles from tapping, liquid shaking and maybe even beard-scratching, you'll want to check our RaffyTaphyASMR on YouTube. He has both short and long videos designed to relax and help viewers fall asleep. 

Screenshot of JellybeanASMR via YouTube

Heather Beannose is the one behind another popular ASMR YouTube account called JellybeanASMR. Like a lot of the others on this list, she uses various mundane activities for her content to inspire her relaxing videos. Her 230,000+ subscribers listen and watch her do things like make roasted pumpkin seeds or eat crunchy snacks just for the tingly relaxation effect.

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ASMR Barber
Screenshot of ASMR Barber via YouTube.com

Do you get that tingly feeling just from watching other people get their hair cut or their head massaged? The guy who runs the ASMR Barber channel looks for barbers who use specific traditional styles and techniques to cut his hair (or shave his head, actually) and massage his head in different ways according to how it's done in their culture. Almost all of his videos are dedicated to just that — hair and head pampering!

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Screenshot of MassageASMR via YouTube.com

Another great YouTube channel to check out for those who get ASMR triggers from watching massages is MassageASMR, which features all kinds of different massage styles and techniques — from singing bowl massages, to relaxing back massages. If you're ASMR sensitive and don't want to pay to get a real massage yourself, perhaps watching one of these videos could be the next best thing!

Olivia Kissper's ASMR
Screenshot of Olivia Kissper's ASMR via YouTube.com

Olivia Kissper's mission with her YouTube channel is to help her viewers melt their anxieties away so they can relax, unwind and have the best sleep of their lives. She has lots of high-quality ASMR videos featuring a wide variety of activities, from hair massages and makeup tutorials to guided meditations and role-playing scenarios.