Rampant Design Tools Launches Ask Rampant for Visual Effects

Three time Emmy Award winner sharing VFX tips and tricks? Yes, please.

Visual Effects powerhouse, Rampant Design Tools, has taken their skill set and set it to "Share" with Ask Rampant, a video series of practical production tips and tricks to help users replicate some of the core skills seen in movies and television.

Hosted by Rampant CEO and Lead Creative, Sean Mullen, Ask Rampant runs through some of the techniques the three-time Emmy Award winning VFX artist used to create effects for shows such as NCIS, Charmed, Six Feet Under, and a feature film list that includes A-list productions such as Any Given Sunday.

After years of working in top studios, Sean was inspired by friends in the editing community to create the first Rampant Design Tools - elements for his friends to mix and match and drop on their timelines to instantly add a unique look and feel to their videos.

With this in mind, we know going in that the effects and training are coming from the highest level. Well, maybe not the highest. There's a slight chance that a four time Emmy Award winner with 60+ IMDB credits will come along and teach us how to do their job. Until that day, however, this will have to do.

Ah, jokes.

Now that we've established that it's not every day we have an opportunity to learn from one of the industry's finest, it's important to remember how tight the online education space is, and how Ask Rampant fits in. As we can expect from a mind this creative, Mullen's approach is fresh and instantly rewarding.

Brisk tutorials giving practical results right away is great, but these tutorials - with topics ranging from how to frame roll to speed ramping - teach us skills we can put to work right away.

Real work. While it's cool to make things explode, most of our clients aren't actually looking for explosions. They're looking for high production value, gloss, sheen, and deliverables that look like they cost a million dollars, even when they didn't. This is where Rampant has a singular focus.

They take your work and easily make it better.

So who are Rampant, anyways? In their own words, "Rampant Design creates Style Effects for video, designed to significantly enhance content for editors, VFX and motion graphics artists."

Specifically, they create Quicktime-based pre-created style effects designed to dragged and dropped onto a layer over any footage that needs to be affected. Light effects, practical elements such as dust, sparks and fire, style mattes, and many more are all ready to drop into a project. They are, quite simply, the easiest and best quality effects available for production right now, short of hiring Sean to do your work for you.

The idea behind Rampant Design Tools and Ask Rampant is simple: make everyone's video better. Using style effects quickly and easily transforms projects into high end productions, and Ask Rampant takes our core skill set to another level.

For free high end video training - and tools that will elevate your production value across the board - it's time to Run Rampant.

Click here to check out Ask Rampant and click here to check out Rampant Design Tools.