What Is an ARY File?

How to Open, Edit, & Convert ARY Files

A file with the ARY file extension is most likely a video file from a surveillance system that was then exported from an EverFocus DVR.

Do you have an ARY file that you know isn't a video file? Maybe it's a Compaq/HP SmartStart Scripting Toolkit file instead. That software (now just called Scripting Toolkit) is used to build scripts for the purpose of reducing the overall time it takes to deploy servers, by automating some of the install tasks.

Some ARY files may be used in radar simulations. You can read more about them in Ayin.org's ARY File Format description.

ARY files in Windows 10

How to Open an ARY File

Your ARY file is more than likely a video file used with EverFocus DVRs. There's a plugin called ePlayer that you're prompted to install when you log in to the DVR's web interface. That's the program that can play these video files, but since we don't have a direct download link for it on the EverFocus website, we can assume it's only available through your DVR or the software CD that came with it.

One thing you can try if you don't have the ePlayer program is to open the ARY video in VLC. That program supports a huge variety of video formats, so it's possible that ARY files work with it as well.

Other ARY files are associated with Scripting Toolkit. If you can't open the file manually through the program's interface, it could be the case that Scripting Toolkit uses them in the background or for a specific purpose that isn't necessarily contingent on you opening the file yourself. In other words, although Scripting Toolkit is required for opening ARY files, you might not be able to open them yourself through the program.

Since they're probably full of text-only instructions, it's also possible that a text editor can open Scripting Toolkit ARY files for editing. However, a text editor can only be used to view the file as a text document, and not to actually "run" or use the file—Scripting Toolkit is necessary for that.

If you find that an application on your PC does try to open the ARY file but it's the wrong application or you'd rather have another installed program open ARY files, see How to Change the Default Program for a Specific File Extension for making that change in Windows.

How to Convert an ARY File

If any software can convert an ARY video file to any other video format, like AVI or MP4, it's going to be the ePlayer program from EverFocus. We don't have a copy of this program to try it, but it's where you should go first in order to convert the ARY file.

Normally, we'd recommend using a free video converter to convert the ARY file, but since this format is pretty rare, there probably isn't a dedicated file converter for it.

However, if you do have luck opening the video in VLC, you might try renaming the .ARY video to something like .AVI or .MP4—it's possible that the video is just a renamed AVI/MP4 file, in which case just changing the file extension would let it open in a popular converter tool like Freemake Video Converter. Then, you could convert the ARY file to any number of more common video formats.

Since there's little information on Compaq/HP SmartStart Scripting Toolkit files, we can only assume either that Scripting Toolkit itself can convert the ARY file or that the ARY file can't be converted (which is a good possibility).

Still Can't Open the File?

If you still can't get your file to open, make sure you read the file extension correctly. You might be mistaking it for an ARY file when really it's an AY (AY Chiptune), AR (Midtown Madness Data), ARC (Norton Backup Archive), ARD, ARF, ARJ, ART (ArtCAM Model), or ARW file.