Artificial Intelligence is built in to so many aspects of our daily lives, it's hard to take it all in. Powering our smartphones, our cars, and perhaps even our brains someday, AI is here to stay. We've got the details you need to make AI work for you.

AI & Science

Computer and hands close up illustrate the concept of artificial intelligence intersecting with humans and daily life.
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A woman looking at static on her computer monitor.
What Is Stable Diffusion? A Look at How an AI Model is Reshaping the Images You See
Chatbot conversation on smartphone screen app interface with artificial intelligence technology providing virtual assistant customer support and information, person hand holding mobile phone
4 Ways to Protect Yourself Against AI Guessing Your Passwords
Four robotic arms assembling a car.
The Four Types of Artificial Intelligence
A girl uses ChatGPT on her computer.
What Is ChatGPT, and How Can I Use It?
Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Concept
What Is Google Bard?
A woman using the Bing AI chatbot in a dark room.
How to Use Bing AI to Get the Answers You Need
person standing on blue waves
What Is XR (Extended Reality)?
Someone using Amazon Alexa with a smart speaker
8 Alexa Routine Ideas for Your Home
Particle data forming and artificial intelligence robot face.
What Is Artificial Intelligence?
The search engine with the Bing AI chatbot input.
How to Fix It When Bing AI Chat Isn't Working
Google Nest Mini
How to Use Guest Mode with Google Assistant
Does ChatGPT Save Your Data?
Artificial intelligence representation
Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning: What's the Difference?
ChatGPT login error displayed on a laptop in a coffee shop.
How to Fix It When Your ChatGPT Login Isn't Working
A woman using the Bing AI to help in brainstorming.
What Is Microsoft's Bing AI Chatbot?
ChatGPT displayed on a laptop, with a saved conversation loaded in.
How to Save a ChatGPT Conversation
A woman using the Bing AI to help in brainstorming.
How to Fix the 'Something Went Wrong' Error in Bing AI
A man wearing a denim shirt sitting at a desk while using ChatGPT AI to code on his computer.
14 Ways to Fix a ChatGPT Network Error on Long Responses
A man asks Google Assistant why it won't work on his phone.
Why Won't Google Assistant Work With My Phone?
A woman leaning on a window sill smiling at her smartphone
Who Is the Voice of Siri?
Example of an Amazon Echo
What Is Super Alexa Mode and How Do You Activate It?
Siri activated on the lock screen
What Is Siri and How Can Siri Help Me?
What Is Samsung Bixby?
Google Assistant keyword
Google Assistant: What It Is and How to Use It
Woman photographing art in a museum
What Is Bixby Vision and What Does It Do?
Amazon Echo, Dot, and Show
What Is an Alexa Preferred Speaker and How to Set One Up
Homeowner in kitchen looking at Amazon's Echo
What Is Amazon's 'Alexa Guard' and How Does It Work?
3d rendering of Amazon Echo voice recognition system
Alexa Voice Shopping: What It Is and How to Use It
Women with an Alexa device.
Alexa's Adaptive Volume: What It Is and How to Use It
Amazon Echo Buds in case
What are Amazon Echo Buds and How Do They Work?
Photo of a man hanging above Bangkok, Thailand
What Is Virtual Reality?
Father and Son viewing VR sunset
7 Great Virtual Reality Travel Experiences
Computer programmer programming virtual reality simulator glasses at computer in office
Is Your PC Ready for Virtual Reality?
Using virtual reality on iPhone
Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Reality on iPhone
Apple TV and remote
How to Use the Apple TV Siri Remote
iPhone 13 lineup
How to Use Siri on iPhone 13
The new Siri remote with an Apple TV 4K
How to Use the Redesigned Apple TV 4K Siri Remote (2021)
Wearables & Beyond With Shaq - 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival
How to Change Alexa's Voice to Shaquille O'Neal
Mature business person using a voice assistant on a smartphone.
How to Use Siri on iPhone 12
Two men at an Apple Store using an iPhone 11.
How to Use Siri on iPhone 11
Alarm sounds in the Alexa app on iPhone
How to Set Alexa Alarm to Music
Amazon Echo on table near food from completed meal.
How to Use IFTTT With Alexa
Google Home and ipad on a counter
Can Google Home and Alexa Work Together?
Google Delivery with search, Maps, and the Assistant
How to Use Google Delivery to Order in From Local Restaurants
Finding an iPhone with Google Assistant on a Nest speaker
How to Find an iPhone on Silent Using Google Assistant
Google Assistant working inside Google Maps on smartphone on car dashboard
How to Use Google Assistant With Google Maps
Google Assistant keyword
How to Use Google Assistant to Make Appointments
Flat Lay Marble Office Working Desk With Copy Space
How to Use Google Assistant From Your Lock Screen
An image of three young men excitedly playing a game on a smartphone.
How to Play Alexa Games on Your Smartphone
Someone asking Alexa to "Play Big Little Lies" on a couch in front of a large TV
How to Control Your TV With Alexa
Amazon Echo Happy Listener
How to Use Alexa Voice Recognition
lost cell phone poster
3 Ways to Locate a Lost Phone Using Alexa
Two Alexa devices on a wooden table
How to Use Alexa as Your Alarm Clock
An Echo Show being used as a security camera with Alexa Home Monitoring.
How to Use Alexa and Echo Show as a Security Camera
Photo of Amazon Echo Dot next to Cortana open with the Alexa skill on a Windows 10 system.
How to Use Alexa and Cortana Together
A woman listening to AirPods and looking out the window
How to Turn Off Siri on AirPods
Amazon shopping notification settings in Alexa on iPhone
How to Turn Off Package Notifications on Alexa
Okay Google "listening" on a phone
How to Turn Off Google Assistant
Siri app on ipad with OS 6
How to Turn Off Siri on the iPad Lock Screen