Review: Army of Darkness Defense

Army of Darkness HD screenshot

Daniel Nations

Developer: Backflip Studios

Released: 5/12/11

Rating: Ages 12 and up

Requirements: iPad with iOS 3.2 or later

Army of Darkness Defense Features

  • Play as Ash as he battles the Army of Darkness.
  • Classic tower defense gameplay with a high dose of humor.
  • Over 100 quotes from the movie.
  • 50 waves and an unlockable endless wave.

Army of Darkness Defense Review

Bruce Campbell vs the Army of Darkness as a tower defense game — it makes so much sense that it is a wonder no one has thought of it before. For fans of the movie, Army of Darkness Defense is full of memorable lines from the movie. It also has appearances by Arthur, Sheila, Henry and even Evil Ash.

Never heard of the movie? Get ready to become a fan.

The brainchild of Sam Raimi (of Spiderman fame) and starring Bruce Campbell (the most famous chin in Hollywood), the third in the Evil Dead series goes down as one of the funniest and most quotable movies of all time. The movie begins with Ash, played by Campbell, being transported back in time where he must undergo a quest for the Book of the Dead. Armed with some magic words to neutralize the evil of the book, Ash makes its way to the book's hiding places and speaks the words... sort of. He might not have said every single syllable, but he basically said them.

But basically doesn't cut it. The resulting Army of Darkness lays siege to the castle, and that is where our game begins. In order to protect the book from the deadites, Ash must train the castle dwellers in warcraft and use all of his special abilities, such as his "boomstick" and his chainsaw.

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As you defeat wave after wave of the deadites, you will get access to more powerful minions like the bowman and the spearman. You'll also get new abilities to unleash against the army. Each wave gets progressively tougher, so you'll need these new abilities to emerge victorious.

Army of Darkness Defense does a great job of introducing you to tower defense games, starting out easy as it teaches you the basics of gameplay. But don't expect the game to remain easy for long. By the time you hit the fourth and fifth wave, the game begins to add challenge to each level.

Combined with memorable quotes from the movie and a cast of characters like Sheila and the Wiseman, Army of Darkness Defense is a real winner. If you like either the movie or tower defense games, you'll like this game. And if you like both the movie and tower defense games, you'll absolutely love this game.