Are Tablets Secure Enough for Using in Enterprise?

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Question: Are Tablets Secure Enough for Using in Enterprise?


We had brought you a recent feature on mobile device security policies for the enterprise sector, discussing how secure it was for companies to allow their employees to use their personal mobile devices to access their corporate server data and information. Given the conveniences of the most recent tablet devices, more and more employees are found to be using these gadgets in order to access their company accounts. How secure are personal tablet devices when they are used for company purposes?



Many organizations today have adopted tablets in their working environment. However, most employees are in a rush to use their own tablets for accessing their company accounts. This is bound to open up a security trap for the enterprise. Here are some questions companies should consider, before sanctioning permission to employees to use their personal tablets for official purposes.

How Safe are Tablets to Use in an Enterprise?

Though many corporate companies do not encourage the use of personal mobile devices for office use, there are many that do not actually object to employees accessing their official accounts through them. More importantly, most companies do not actively monitor the kind of official data the worker accesses via these devices. The fact that the user is allowed to gain access to all the information he needs, is what poses the actual security threat for the enterprise sector.

Ideally, the IT department should give only limited access to each employee, while also monitoring the exchange of information on the user’s tablet.

Is Using a Tablet More Risky than a Laptop?

Well, corporate establishments are always at a certain amount of risk when they allow their employees to access the office server by way of their mobile devices. Hence, laptops and tablets pose a relatively equal risk in that sense. However, tablets being more advanced, are obviously capable of more powerful multimedia capabilities than your average laptop.

How does it affect the company if the employee if he or she works with various media apps from their device? The answer to this question is very simple. These activities may result in them unwittingly opening up their network to online exploits, thereby compromising the security of the enterprise as a whole. Irrespective of how vigilant the security department may be, there is always the chance of an information leakage.

So, What can Companies do About the Problem?

Unfortunately, corporate establishments can do precious little to evade the mobile device security issue altogether. Mobile technology is all-pervasive today and practically rules our lives. Every organization today demands at least basic knowledge of mobile computing and working with the latest gadgets. Mobile technology has entirely changed the method of communication everywhere and amongst everyone. Hence, the enterprise sector has to adapt to the changed environment and adopt techniques that will most effectively deal with this problem.

The whole issue of mobile online security has to be analyzed, understood and dealt in a different way by companies, who also need these very facilities in today’s rapidly changing mobile scenario.

How can Companies Exert More Control?

This is where the concept of forming clear mobile device usage policies comes in. While an enterprise cannot totally deny employees their right to access online information with the help of their tablets and other mobile devices, it needs to formulate certain strict rules to stipulate what and how much information the user can access through the company’s server. Employees need to understand these rules and know that they could stand to be penalized in case they do not respect the company policies.

Achieving this balance can be tricky, as the companies also need to encourage their employees to get more tech-savvy and learn to adapt to newer mobile technologies coming in on an almost daily basis. Employee privacy and the right to free action is yet another touchy issue here.

Each enterprise has to ponder all the above points before deciding if they can permit their employees to use their advanced personal mobile devices such as tablets, for company use.