Are Email Addresses Case Sensitive?

Generally you can use just lower-case letters

Every email address has two parts that are separated by the @ sign: the username and the domain from which the email account was created. Both sides typically contain both upper-case and lower-case letters and may contain numbers, underscores, or periods. It's easy to make an error when typing an email address, and it's important to use the proper lower-case and upper-case letters.

Does Case Matter? Yes and No

Is the same as as far as email servers are concerned?

The domain name in an email address is case insensitive, meaning the case doesn't matter. The username, however, is case sensitive. The email address is different than However, the email address is the same as

Illustration of a person choosing between two email addresses, one with capital letters
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Google email addresses ignore the letter case and periods. For example, is the same as

Your Message Will Likely Be Delivered

Because the case sensitivity of email addresses can create confusion and interoperability problems, some email providers and clients either fix the case if the email address is typed wrong or ignore the case. Not many email services or ISPs enforce case sensitive email addresses. This means that if the address is typed wrong, it's likely to be delivered.

To ensure delivery from those who want to send messages to you, create new email addresses with all lower-case letters.