Arduino: An Overview

A Collection of Articles on this Important Technology

Arduino is an important technology phenomenon that is having a number of impacts on the tech world. The following is a collection of in-depth articles that provide a comprehensive overview of this technology.

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What is Arduino?

Arduino Diecimila in Stoicheia
Remko van Dokkum/Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons 2.0

Arduino is a technology that has generated increasing interest in the tech community, and is appearing in a lot of conversations about the future of connected devices. Arduino is a technology that is making smart devices more accessible and prevalent, by allowing prototyping and experimentation by designers, programmers and casual users alike. Learn more about this phenomenon, and why it matters to the technology industry.

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Arduino Projects for Beginners

The Arduino platform is incredibly versatile, and offers a lot of options to users looking to get started with microcontroller development. The best way to learn the ins and outs of the platform is to try a few sample projects. Novice level projects will allow you to familiarize yourself with the platform, IDE and programming language. These project ideas should provide some indication of what the Arduino platform is capable of, requiring only a basic understanding of the technology. These ideas should provide a good starting point before embarking on prototyping projects of your own.

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The Arduino Shield

The versatility of the Arduino platform is one of its biggest assets, and the Arduino shield is one of the means by which this is achieved. Arduino shields provide a modular add-on to the basic Arduino platform that expands its capabilities is areas of connectivity, sensors, and outputs, among others. Here you can find an overview of the Arduino shield concept, and a number of examples of the many shield types, illustrating why Arduino shields are so important.

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Arduino Uno

For those interested in taking the plunge with Arduino development, a decision awaits; a number of different Arduino formats exist, for a myriad of applications. Recently, however, one specification, the Arduino Uno has emerged as the de facto standard choice for beginners. Find out what sets the Arduino Uno apart from the other specifications, and why it represents a solid platform to serve as ​an introduction to the world of Arduino.

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Intermediate/Advanced Arduino Project Ideas

After completing a few basic projects, you may be searching for some inspiration for Arduino projects that stretch and test the limits of this platform. These intermediate and advanced Arduino projects combine the platform with important technologies like RFID, telemetry, propulsion, Web APIs, and more to create interesting applications that span a wide variety of disciplines. If you are interested in expanding your Arduino experimentation into the world of robotics or connected devices, this is the place to look.

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The Arduino Homepage

The articles above explore some of the finer points of this popular technology in some depth. However, one distinguishing factor of Arduino is its sheer breadth, in terms of applications, specifications, and its energetic community. The Arduino team's homepage is an excellent resource for those looking to get a sense of this breadth, touching upon many different topics. While much of the info there may not go into the same level of depth as the articles above, they provide a sense of the full range of possibilities that Arduino has to offer.

On the topic of breadth, the articles mentioned in this Arduino "hub" touch upon some of the major aspects of Arduino technology. As with any technology that is at the forefront of innovation, Arduino is evolving constantly. This hub will continue to expand to capture the finer points of Arduino, and provide depth on the impact these issues will have on the tech world. Arduino represents an important technology that will drive innovation at the margins, from entrepreneurs and hobbyists that may well create the important connected devices of the future.