Arcade1Up Promises a More Affordable Digital Game Board With Infinity

With digital versions of several classics included out of the box

A smaller, somewhat more affordable digital alternative to family board game night is here, by way of Arcade1Up's new Infinity Game Board.

The biggest drawback when it comes to playing board games, according to Arcade1Up, is the physical space they take up—particularly storage and cleanup. This is why the company has been developing a line of digital board game tables and is now releasing its new Infinity Game Board.

Using the Infinity Game Board on the couch


Game selection is important, of course, and the Infinity Game Board includes several games to start, but you can download and install more at your leisure. You'll find an assortment of 50 games out of the box with classics like Operation and Connect Four in the roster, but the offerings aren't entirely geared towards a younger audience. More involved board games like Risk, Monopoly, Ticket to Ride, and Pandemic can also be found on the online store.

What sets the new game board apart from Arcade1Up's game tables is mostly the size and the price. The board offers an 18.5-inch HD 1080p touchscreen (versus the table's 32-inch display), built-in dual speakers, and "tactile feedback." It also supports up to six players locally (depending on each game's player counts) and Wi-Fi for online play.

The Infinity Game Board displaying Uno


Arcade1Up's Infinity Game Board is available starting today from Best Buy, priced at $499.99—about half the cost of the Infinity Game Table (which is $999.99). An AC power adapter and plug are also included for recharging.

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