Learn to Make Free or Inexpensive Calls Using SIP on Android

Download an Android app to make free internet calls

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Android users who want to make free or cheap calls and who have tech-savvy contacts are smart to consider the benefits of using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) on their devices. SIP technology is a protocol used in VoIP telephony for voice and video calls.

To use SIP on your Android device, you need a SIP address, which is available free from many online SIP providers, and a SIP client that runs on your mobile device to make calls. Calls to other SIP users are free, wherever they are. Try one of these SIP apps, which are available on Google Play. After selecting an app, you need to know how to configure a SIP client.

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SIPdroid is a SIP app for Android. It is an open source product, which makes it free and well supported. The interface is clean and simple, and the app also offers video calling. It works with any SIP provider. It is light for a video app. More »

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LinPhone is a free open source SIP client that supports video calls. It supports many codecs and delivers good voice and video quality. It supports echo cancellation, conference calls, SRTP encryption, address book integration, and many other features. LinPhone is a rich app with a clean interface. More »

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3CX for Android is a SIP client that is suitable for business people; works well for VoIP calls on PBX systems. Using it for business expands the power of your PBX. The app is relatively light and simple. Just check whether your PBX device is supported before going further. The app is free. More »

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CSipSimple is a free open source app that offers many features, including filtering, call recording, and optimized codecs. The call quality is good, and the attractive interface offers different themes so you can personalize your app. More »

Nimbuzz is a hugely popular VoIP service that offers free voice calling to your friends and family including SIP accounts. People who have been using Nimbuzz PC on their computers will feel at home with the Nimbuzz Messenger mobile app and its clean interface. Nimbuzz has more than 150 million users around the world. The app is free and can be used with SIP accounts from other providers. More »

Voxofon Free Calls is known for its free and cheap call services and features. This app allows you to use its service and your SIP account. Although it comes with a number of features, the app is quite light and takes up little space on your device. It is a free download. More »

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