Apply Metadata to Multiple Photos in Lightroom CC 2015

The metadata panel is highlighted.
The ability to add Metadata in Lightroom is an invauable feature.


You may have attempted to apply captions, keywords, titles, or other metadata to many photos at once using Lightroom, only to find that it didn't work. This can be a very frustrating problem, indeed, but the good news is it can be done without typing all the information over and over again.

If you selected many photos in Lightroom, but your metadata was only applied to one of them, it is most likely because you were selecting photos in the filmstrip rather than the grid view of the Library Module. Here are two ways to apply metadata to multiple photos in Lightroom.

Method One: Works Only in Grid View

  1. Go to the Metadata menu and make sure "Show metadata for target photo only" is not selected. This is not necessary if you are only applying keywords.
  2. Select Multiple photos in the Grid view of the Library module, (not the filmstrip).
  3. Enter your caption, title, and so on and then press enter. You should receive a warning that the metadata is being applied to multiple photos.

Method Two: Works in Grid or Filmstrip

This method works whether or not "Show metadata for target photo only" is selected from the Metadata menu.

  1. Enter the metadata for the first photo.
  2. Keeping the first photo selected, now select the other photos to which you want to apply the same metadata.
  3. Click the Sync button at the bottom of the Library right-hand panel.
  4. Choose the fields you wish to copy using the checkboxes, then click Synchronize.

Adobe has a great article on using metadata in Lightroom. You'll find it to be an invaluable resource.