How to Make Email Rules in Outlook Mail

Manage your mail automatically with email rules

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Email rules let you interact with emails automatically so that incoming messages will do something that you've pre-set them to do.

For example, maybe you like to have all messages from a certain sender immediately go to the "Deleted Items" folder when you receive them. This type of management can be done with an email rule.

Rules can also move an email to a specific folder, forward an email, mark the message as junk, and more.

Outlook Mail Inbox Rules

  1. Open the Mail settings menu by clicking the gear icon from the menu at the top of the page.

  2. Choose Options.

  3. From the Mail > Automatic processing area on the left, choose Inbox and sweep rules.

  4. Click or tap the plus icon to start the wizard to add a new rule.

  5. Enter a name for the email rule in the first text box.

  6. In the first drop-down menu, choose what should happen when the email arrives. After adding one, you can include additional conditions with the Add condition button.

  7. Next to "Do all of the following," pick what should happen when the condition(s) are met. You can add more than one action with the Add action button.

  8. If you want the rule to not run given a certain circumstance, add an exclusion through the Add exception button.

  9. Select Stop processing more rules if you want to make sure that no other rules will apply after this one, should they, too, pertain to this particular rule. Rules run in the order that they are listed (you can change the order once you save the rule).

  10. Click or tap OK to save the rule.

 The above steps can be used with any email account that you use on, like your,, or email.