Apple's Upcoming iPad Pro to Feature Wireless Charging

2022 iPad Pro model may also have reverse wireless charging

Tangling with power chords may become a distant memory for iPad Pro users within the next year, as Bloomberg reports that the upcoming 2022 model will make use of wireless charging.

This new model will ditch the aluminum casing and instead use a glass back, which will be crucial for enabling the wireless charging feature. Users will be able to forego the typical charging cables and instead, presumably, place the new iPad Pro on a MagSafe Charger. The wireless charging process may take a little longer for the iPad compared to the iPhone, however.

Apple iPad Pro
Image: Apple.


In addition, it is reported that Apple is trying to make the iPad Pro, itself, function as a wireless charging station. It's a concept that Apple previously has attempted to integrate into the iPhone, but this would be a first for the iPad. This "reverse wireless charging" would mean users would be able to use their iPad Pro as its own induction mat and charge their devices by placing them on the back of their tablet.

As of this moment, the concept of a wireless charging iPad Pro is still in the developmental stages, which means there is a chance the feature could be scrapped for any number of reasons. However, wireless charging or not, the newest model of iPad Pro is expected to see a 2022 release. No additional pricing or spec details have been made available at this time.

Apple MagSafe Charger
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Apple recently released the 2021 iPad Pro model, which features an M1 chip, an improved mini LED display, and better sound quality. This current version is available now to order with typical shipping times (from Apple) scheduled for mid-July.

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