Apple's Fitness+ Is Getting ‘Time to Run’ and More Soon

Time to Run, Collections, and a new season of Time to Walk launch on Jan. 10th

Fitness+ subscribers will be able to greet the new year with a couple of new features, and a new season of Time to Walk, in just a few more days.

Some of Apple's plans for Fitness+ for the Apple Watch were uncovered last summer, including Time to Run, but the details and dates were still up in the air. Well, now we know to expect Time to Run, Collections, and more Time to Walk content in the very near future—January 10th, in fact. According to Apple, the intention is to give New Year resolutionists new ways to pursue their goals and stay motivated.

Apple Fitness+ update for Apple Watch


Collections offers an assortment of workouts and meditations that have been curated from over 2,000 options currently in the Fitness+ library. These are then compiled into suggested plans to address specific training choices. Six different workout or meditation plans will be available at launch, including a 30-day core challenge, running your first 5K, and winding down for better sleep.

Time to Run, on the other hand, is a trainer-led feature that uses audio and popular routes in notable locations to create a motivating running experience. Apple also states that each run will have an accompanying playlist intended to "capture the spirit" of each city. Time to Run will offer three episodes at launch (Brooklyn, Miami Beach, and London), with one new episode being added every Monday after that.

Apple Fitness+ update


Lastly, Time to Walk, which uses audio with celebrity guests to inspire users to walk more often, will be entering its third season. New guests will be added each week, starting with Rebel Wilson and continuing with Hasan Minhaj, Sugar Ray Leonard, and more.

All of these new Fitness+ features for the Apple Watch will be available for Fitness+ subscribers at no extra cost. If you aren't subscribed, you can sign up for $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year and share with up to five additional family members.

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