Apple Watch Rumor: First Bunch of Upgrades Coming Soon

Apple’s First Ever Wearable is Said to be Receiving Several Enhancements

Image © Martin Hajek/Flickr.

May 19, 2015

The Apple Watch is finally available to the public and has received mixed emotions from the wearable devices industry. While some swear by its efficacy, there are others who are wondering why they took the trouble of purchasing it at all. Of course, those sorts of reactions can be expected with every new introduction, so we will not get into all that right now. According to some latest rumors surrounding the much-hyped smartwatch, it will soon be receiving some important upgrades.

Almost a month after the introduction of its first-generation Apple Watch running the Watch OS 1.0, it is rumored that the device will be getting both software and hardware updates. The giant is said to be working to improve upon many aspects of its new wearable, such as health and fitness features, Wi-Fi capabilities, integration with third-party apps, security and inter-connectivity between different Apple devices.

Here is a list of what we may expect Apple’s first ever smartwatch to feature, very soon….

  • Find My Watch: As the name suggest, this feature is similar to “Find My iPhone” and helps users try and recover their lost Apple Watch. They can additionally lock or wipe their wearable of data, remotely. Incidentally, this functionality will also notify users if they forget to take their phone along, while wearing the smartwatch. The giant, it is said, is planning to work with a functionality knows as “Smart Leashing”, whereby the Watch would use its wireless signal to establish its location in relation to its paired iPhone. These 2 features, experts believe, will take more time to be implemented, as they would need more time to work on and an independent wireless chip as well.
  • Third-Party “Complications”: It is believed that Apple would permit third-parties to develop “Complications” or widgets for its Watch. These Complications can be used to indicate time, weather, traffic updates and so on. Apple is said to be working on a Twitter Complication on its new wearable device. At the moment, the smartwatch support only third-party apps and not widgets.
  • General Health Updates: The Watch may be capable of measuring users’ heart rate, also notifying them if it is found to be irregular. This feature, however, may not actually see the light of day, due to government regulation. Additionally, the device would be able to track sleep patterns and monitor blood pressure of the wearer. Sensors to measure blood sugar and blood glucose levels may be incorporated soon after.
  • Apple TV SDK: Apple may be planning to market its first-generation wearable as a primary input device, acting as a remote for the next-gen Apple TV. The new TV box, it is said, would be introduced in June this year and would feature support for third-party apps and deep Siri integration. A new version of Xcode, called “MuirTrail”, would include a “TVKit”. This would feature tools for developers seeking to create third-party apps for the Apple TV. It is further believed that the new box would integrate with the company’s upcoming “Live TV” cable-replacement service. Incidentally, the new TV hardware is rumored to be codenamed “J34” and the iOS 9, which is codenamed “Monarch Tide”. Furthermore, the giant is said to be working on releasing iOS 8.4 with the new “Apple Music” streaming service.

    Rumored Release Date

    Most Apple Watch users had complained that the device was not so great, as it had very few features and capabilities over and above the iPhone. However, if the above rumors are indeed true, the wearable could well end up standing head and shoulders over the rest of the competition. There is yet no indication as to when these features may actually be released. However, some sources aver that several of them could be announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, scheduled to be held in June this year