Apple Watch Series 9: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors

The biggest changes to the Apple Watch Series 9 will likely be software, but maybe there's more in store

Like clockwork, the next Apple Watch is expected to arrive this fall. The upcoming Apple event that introduces this watch might not be as exciting as last year's Apple Watch Ultra unveiling, but there are still a few potential changes on the software front to look forward to.

When Will the Apple Watch Series 9 Be Released?

The great aspect of most Apple products is how easy it is to guess when the next version will come out. Apple has delivered a new smartwatch every year since the first one, so it's a no-brainer to expect another one in 2023.

We'll refer to this watch as the Apple Watch Series 9, but not everyone agrees. A source we can't verify, speaking to iPhoneSoft, thinks the next watch could be called Watch X or Watch 10.

According to information provided by a person working on the project within Apple, there will not be a Watch 9, but directly a Watch 10.

Lifewire's Release Date Estimate

It's likely the next Apple Watch will be announced in September 2023 and then released shortly after, alongside the iPhone 15. Several previous Apple smartwatches debuted that same month, so it's an educated guess.

Apple Watch Series 9 Price Rumors

Along with Apple's consistent release date for smartwatches is their habit of sticking to the same price, which is great news.

Pricing hasn't leaked yet, but we think the Apple Watch Series 9 base model will start at $399 for Wi-Fi only and $499 for cellular. These are the same prices as the Series 8 & 7.

Pre-Order Information

Apple will most likely open pre-orders a few days after the Apple event. We'll watch for it and drop the Apple Store link here.

Apple Watch Series 9 Specs & Features

Bloomberg journalist and frequent Apple reporter Mark Gurman thinks the new Apple Watch models will be "fairly similar to last year’s lineup" and that Apple will instead focus on watchOS 10. It's too early to know if there will be just one new Apple Watch model this year or if we'll see the same lineup as last year.

The latest watches include the Apple Watch 8, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Ultra. There haven't been any rumors about a new Ultra model, and there might never be. It's unclear if Apple plans to launch an Ultra model every year. Similarly, the Apple Watch SE probably won't be refreshed this year because Apple has yet to do so annually. Major updates to the watch hardware reportedly won't take place until 2024.

So, what can we expect this year? Here's everything new we could see in the 2023 Apple Watch:

  • Touch ID: Patently Apple spotted a patent that depicts a new placement for the Touch ID on the Apple Watch, eliminating the need to authenticate with a passcode. The sensor could exist under the screen or on the band, side button, or Digital Crown.
  • Action button: The Action button gives you quick access to your favorite features, like the stopwatch or flashlight, or to start a workout. It was introduced in the Apple Watch Ultra, and that's currently the only Apple Watch with it. However, Apple could give the lower-end models a taste this year.
  • Widgets: The upcoming Apple Watch might include widgets for quick access to important functions. Gurman says the widgets will combine the older watchOS Glances system with those introduced on the iPhone with iOS 14.
  • Open pairing: Another expected OS update is the ability to pair your Apple Watch with your other Apple devices, like an iPad or Mac.
  • Newer processor: The last several Apple Watches have had the same processor performance, but that could change this year. We're unsure about the specifics, but if we see a new S9 chip, you can expect a performance and battery life boost.
  • 5G-compatible: All new Apple phones have 5G access, but Apple's smartwatches have lagged behind. 5G has been popping up worldwide since 2019, so it wouldn't be surprising to see a 5G-supported Apple Watch soon.

Unfortunately, as useful as they'd be, blood glucose tracking and blood pressure monitoring probably won't be ready for this year's Apple Watch. We've also heard that the Series 9 watch will have the same size options as the Series 8.

Check out our Apple Watch Series 8 overview for more features to carry to the Series 9.

Without official word from Apple, all we can do this early is speculate what makes sense to arrive in the next Apple Watch. Of course, as always, there will continue to be leaks and rumors that we'll keep you updated on. As we approach WWDC and beyond, we'll know much more, so stay tuned for updates!

The Latest News About the Apple Watch Series 9

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