Apple Watch Series 8 Is Here to Keep You Healthy, Active, and Always Connected

Increased health tracking, car crash detection, and better battery life

Apple has revealed a spate of details regarding its forthcoming Apple Watch Series 8, the latest iteration of the company’s popular smartwatch line. 

The form factor remains similar, with the same edge-to-edge always-on display found with the Apple Watch Series 7. So what’s new? Sensors are the name of the game here. First up, Series 8 includes a temperature sensor that tracks your body’s temperature every five seconds, even while sleeping. The company states that these sensors track cycle deviations which, in turn, can catch certain health conditions early on. 

Apple Watch 8 In seven colors


However, the main purposes of the dual temperature sensors are increased menstrual tracking and, new to the ecosystem, ovulation tracking. The temperature sensors tell you when you are ovulating and, using this data, predicts when you will ovulate next.

The company has also rejiggered the software to squeeze more life out of the battery. Series 8 gets 18 hours of life out of the box, the same as Series 7, but includes a brand new Low Power mode. This mode shuts down some features, such as the always-on display, to double battery life to 36 hours. 

Another new feature is a suite of sensors to detect car crashes. These sensors integrate with a new software suite to automatically contact emergency services when you get in a car accident, sharting your location data and also notifying emergency contacts. Apple says this feature works for all standard passenger vehicles, SUVs, and pickup trucks. 

All health data with the Series 8 is now end-to-end encrypted from the watch to iCloud, so not even Apple has access to your personal information. 

Apple Watch Series 8


Apple Watch Series 8 is available in a multitude of colors, including starlight silver, with a trio of stainless steel designs. Additionally, there will be a number of new watchfaces accompanying the launch.

Preorder the smartwatch today. The GPS model costs $400 and the cellular version costs $500. Both versions officially launch on September 16. 

In addition to the Series 8, Apple also announced a second-generation Apple Watch SE and a brand new Apple Watch Ultra.

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