Apple Watch Series 7 Shipments Extend to November

Preorders are live, but may take a while

You now can preorder an Apple Watch 7, but you may be waiting by the mailbox for several weeks before it arrives.

Apple Watch Series 7 preorders officially went live Friday morning, but customers have reported long wait times for actual shipments, according to MacRumors. Consumers are saying that certain makes of Apple's new wearable won't actually show up until November. These extended delivery estimates impact certain aluminum and steel configurations.

Apple Watch Series 7 preorders live


It is hard to say which configurations won't ship until November, as there are many materials, colors, band styles, and sizes to choose from. In some instances, picking a different band style or color can shift the estimated delivery date by over a month.

It is also interesting to note that the company did not immediately release all pricing information, forcing consumers to make purchasing decisions once the preorder went live. Instead, Apple merely stated that the Apple Watch Series 7 started at $399.

Here is the updated pricing information. The Apple Watch Series 7 starts at $399 for aluminum models, $699 for stainless steel models, and $799 for titanium models.

Apple Watch Series 7 in 5 different colors


Apple also has made available for preorder a fast-charging cable for the Series 7, which costs $29. However, keep in mind that this cable will only boast quick-charge capabilities for the Series 7.

Some Series 7 deliveries are on schedule for the official launch of October 15 for both individual orders and retail outlets, such as the Apple Store.

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