8 Ways the Apple Watch Can Keep You Productive

The Apple Watch can be a great way to keep you on task

The Apple Watch is more than just a time-keeping accessory. It's also an invaluable productivity tool. Whatever industry you work in, there’s probably an app that can help your job run more smoothly. There are apps for creating and managing to-do lists, interacting with office colleagues, and even clocking in and out of a job site.

While all these apps are fantastic for work, many may come in handy for organizing your personal life, as well. Here, we've compiled some of the best ways you can use the Apple Watch to improve your productivity.

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This is one of the simplest things you can do, but also one of the most powerful. Setting up email notifications on your Apple Watch can ensure that you are always in touch.

For example, an email notification on your Watch can discretely let you know that a meeting has been put on your calendar while you’re sitting in another one. Using your Apple Watch for important notifications such as email and texts can be a great way to stay on top of things without having to check your phone.

Set Reminders

The Reminders app is even more helpful on the Apple Watch. Make a request, such as “Hey Siri, remind me to pay the electric bill,” and you'll never forget it. It's also useful for replying to emails, paying bills, or even remembering to do a load of laundry. If you’re not currently a Reminders users, try using the app for a week. Once you realize how convenient it is to be reminded of things, we bet you’ll never go back.

Use Siri

Need to look up a quick stat? Want a reminder to pick up your dry cleaning? While you may not always think to use Siri in situations like these, Apple's virtual assistant can be very helpful. One of our favorite things to do with the Apple Watch is to set up reminders and alarms. Ask Siri to remind you to send an email in an hour, or to set an alarm for 20 minutes so you don’t get distracted and forget to take your lunch out of the oven.

Think about some of the time-sensitive things you do on a daily basis and consider giving Siri a try. It can take a while to get used to, but using Siri on your wrist is quick, easy, and can save you a ton of time and keep you on task.


If your company uses Slack, then you owe it to yourself to download the iPhone and Apple Watch app. Notifications will show up on your wrist following the same settings that you use for mobile notifications. You can set it up so that you receive a push notification on your Apple Watch whenever someone sends you a direct message or mentions you within a Slack conversation.

You may not always reply immediately, but it’s nice to be aware of what's going on behind the scenes.

You can also respond to Slack messages directly from your wrist. It’s admittedly a bit awkward, depending on the intricacy on your message. But just like text messages and emails, you can use preset messages to make communicating faster and easier.

You can also dictate messages using your voice, although depending on the length of your message this can be problematic. One solution is to change one of the preset messages in your Apple Watch to something like, “I’m away from my computer right now. I’ll get back to you soon.” This will let people know that you’ve seen their message but you’re otherwise engaged at the moment.


Trello is a terrific productivity app. You can use it to manage everything from paying bills to invoicing and following up with clients. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and a great way to keep you on track and remind you of your various tasks and commitments.

With the Trello Apple Watch app, you can add new tasks, check out when your current tasks are due, and respond to comments from collaborators. Much like Slack, Trello is one of those things you want to stay on top of. Trello’s Apple Watch app is another way to keep up with what’s going on in with tasks and projects, even though you might not personally be there to handle them at the time.

Trello also has a full-featured iOS app, allowing you to seamlessly transition between devices to handle any task while on the move.


If your company uses Salesforce, then getting the Apple Watch app can improve your productivity and keep you connected when you’re away from your desktop. Within Salesforce’s Apple Watch app you can view different dashboards, look up reports, and even get notifications for things like case escalations and deal closings. It can be an excellent way to stay on top of everything without having to tote your computer around everywhere you go, especially if you have a job that requires you to stay mobile rather than tied to a desk.


If you’re someone that gets paid hourly based on the time you spend on a job site, then it’s important that you log your hours correctly. Invoice2Go allows you to set up a geofence around a particular location, say a construction site, and then remind you to start a timer when you arrive. Like a virtual version of a clock, you can clock in and out using the Apple Watch app and do things like send invoices or receive notifications when invoices have been paid.


When it comes to productivity, the Evernote app is one of the oldest but best tools out there, and it’s available on the Apple Watch as well. With the Evernote Apple Watch app you can jot down notes, set reminders, check off tasks from your to-do lists, and share lists with others.

The Watch app is designed to work seamlessly with the iPhone app, so if you’re looking on something on your wrist and need a bigger view, opening the app up on your iPhone should bring you to the same page you were viewing on your wrist.

Evernote can be great for keeping track of to-do lists, but it can also be a storage space for articles you’ve found interesting or even recipes you want to try.

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