Apple watchOS 2 Apps You Can Download Now

These apps really take advantage of watchOS 2


After a bit of a delay, Apple has released watchOS 2, the next generation of the operating system for the Apple Watch. originally scheduled to be released on September 16th, Apple delayed the launch by about a week due to a bug. But, it's finally arrived!

In addition to a host of other new features, the newest version of the operating system also gives apps access to more feature of the Apple Watch and gives them the ability to run natively on the device.

If you haven’t already downloaded the update, here’s a rundown on how to get it. The process is a bit more manual than you might be used to with updating your iPhone but still shouldn’t take very long to do.

Once you do, here are some of the apps that have been updated to support some of watchOS 2’s new functionality.


The Runtastic app now allows users to track their heart rate on their wrist in conjunction with the app. The running app already tracks your runs and has a built-in voice coach to provide audio feedback while you’re working out to encourage you to do better. The app allows you to challenge others, geotag your workouts, and view things like temperature and sunrise data to plan future training sessions.

In addition to heart rate functionality, Runtastic also says that the update promises more robust data collection for users both within their personal Runtastic account and within Apple Health.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is arguably the best weather app out there for the iPhone, and the watchOS update adds a ton of functionality to the app on the Watch. Now users can use complications within the Apple Watch to show current weather conditions or details like when rain will start and stop. The updated Dark Sky app also works with Time Travel, a new feature in watchOS 2, which allows you to turn the digital crown to move forward in time.

In the case of Dark Sky, you might dial forward to get a feel for what the weather will be like later in the day or week.


iTranslate can be an awesome app to have on hand when you happen to need to communicate with someone who speaks a different language.  watchOS 2 gives third-party apps access to the microphone on the Apple Watch, and iTranslate is taking advantage, by offering translations now directly on your wrist.

Now you can speak into you Watch and instantly get a translation. Translations suggest a language based on your current location. For instance, if you’re traveling in France, the watch might suggest french as the first language is translated to and from. Complications can also be used to display translations for common phrases such as “Good morning.”

OmniFocus 2

Popular productivity app OmniFocus also released an update for watchOS2. The newest version of the app supports complications and can show a task that needs attention, or the number of items left that need to be completed.

Curious what else you can do with watchOS 2? Check out our complete rundown of the new operating system's new features.

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