The Apple Watch is Available for In-Store Pick-Up

How to Reserve Your Watch and Take it Home from Your Local Apple Store

Apple Watch
George Pimentel/WireImage/Getty Images

Good news for those who prefer the brick-and-mortar experience to buying online: The Apple Watch is available in Apple Stores. The option to buy an Apple Watch in store offers the satisfaction of immediacy — if your’e lucky enough to get an appointment.

Reserve Your Appointment

To get started, go to Apple’s website and select the watch model you’d like to purchase. Click through to its product page, and you’ll find and option to check reservation availability for in-store appointments. Click through, select your state and city and you’ll see the next available reservation. 

Note that availability can vary from model to model; when I searched for the original Apple Watch (before the original publish date), the Apple site only turned up results in select states: California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Searching for the same, middle-range Apple Watch with a smaller, 38mm Stainless Steel Case and White Sport Band returned many more results for that same day. In fact, with the exception of Hawaii, that model appeared to be available for in-store purchases in every state. That’s something to note for those who’d like the larger casing — in-store availability might be less plentiful, so depending on your search results it might make more sense to order online.

In-Store Pick-Up

From there, the process works similarly to a Genius Bar appointment; simply show up at your reservation time, give an Apple Store employee your name and your Apple Watch will be fetched. Pay for it as you would with any other Apple product, and then you’re on your way! Note that fellow contributor Emily Price reports that you get a white Apple tote bag with a handle that sports the same color as your Apple Watch band — nice touch, right?