Apple Watch Not Doing So Well in the Market

Unofficial Sales Figures of the Wearable Below Expected Level


July 21, 2015

The Apple Watch is apparently not doing too well in the mobile market. While it is not exactly a failure either, some experts aver that it is a “slow starter” and that it may take a couple of more years for the futuristic wearable device to actually catch on among users. The poor performance of the smartwatch has ended up disappointing investors. This, in turn, has discouraged app developers from actively developing newer applications for the device.

Reasons for the Watch’s Dismal Sales

There could be many reasons for the current low sales figures of the Apple Watch. Some of them are as follows:

  • Most importantly, smartwatches are still in their infancy and it will take a while before users truly accept them. Till such a time, demand for these devices will be significantly lower than that of smartphones and tablets.
  • The Watch is in direct competition with an entire range of similar devices, fitness bands and activity trackers. The main disadvantage of the device is that it is far more expensive than most popular brands. Besides, it can pair only with iOS devices.
  • The initial purchasing process of Apple’s wearable had been long-drawn-out. Users could only place an order online and that became tiresome for most of them. Of course, the giant has made it much easier since then, but that could have affected consumers’ first impression about the product.

    App Developers Not Very Keen Yet

    It has been 3 months since the release of the Watch. Yet, it does not have a Facebook app yet. The social networking giant stated that it is still evaluating the wearable device and trying to figure out how best to create an app for it. The poor response from app developers and other popular app makers such as Facebook and Snapchat makes the going even tougher for Apple.

    At the moment, Apple is not officially releasing any sales figures. However, certain estimates seem to reveal that Apple had sold 2.8 million Watches, since it went on sale in April. That figure is far below iPhone and iPad sales figures. The company has stated that, when it reports its earnings for the third quarter, it would put the sales data of the Watch into a different “Other” category. It is very likely that industry experts will be keenly viewing the performance of the wearable this year, as it will indicate if it is worth investing the time, money and effort on the device.

    A few enthusiastic developers, however, have created weather and image-related software, especially for the device. From its side, Apple too is trying to make it more convenient for developers to create apps for its wearable. The giant is offering a toolkit for developers – this gives them access to work with the device’s heart-rate sensor, motion sensor and so on. The company has stated that the first batch of new apps for the Watch will arrive later this year.

    In any case, the device’s upcoming operating system, the watchOS 2; which is already available in beta to developers and will be available to the public as a free upgrade this fall; will come with more capabilities and functionality, also reducing its dependence on the iPhone.

    This may encourage more app developers to come ahead and create usable applications for the wearable.