Apple Watch Could Get Tachymeter, Blood Oxygen Detection, and More

Leaked iOS 14 code also shows off SchoolTime and sleep tracking

Why This Matters

Apple Watch will likely continue its crushing of the competition with health, child-centric, and watch face features, especially if some features make it to current models.

Apple Watch Series 5
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Leaked iOS 14 code, reports 9to5Mac, shows some big new features heading to Apple's wrist-based ecosystem. Probably focused on a newer, Series 6 Apple Watch and watchOS 7, some of the newer features could make their way to an Apple Watch you already have.

What's New: The big new addition seems to be a blood oxygen detector, something that can work like an early warning system for potential cardiac issues. While this may only work with newer sensors, it's not clear from the code that it wouldn't work on earlier models.

Watch Faces: The code also points to the inclusion of a tachymeter, something that analog watches can have around their dial and can be used to compute a speed based on travel time, or measure distance based on speed. It will be included with the Infograph Modular watch face.

In addition, Apple's code seems to indicate the ability to share watch faces and use shared albums as watch face photos.

Parental Controls: As it stands, you can only manage one Apple Watch per iPhone. That may change with watchOS 7, which includes a way to manage your child's watch from your own iPhone. In addition, the code points to a system called SchoolTime, which would (similar to ScreenTime) help parents turn off certain apps or functions during school hours.

Sleep well: Bits of the code confirm Apple's already-leaked Sleep app. It also shows the Health app as the repository of sleep tracking information.

Bottom line: Ultimately, these improvements can only help further cement Apple Watch as the go-to smart watch as we all look for more health-related and functional usage out of our wrist wearables.

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