Apple Watch Connected Can Reward You for Working Out

Some fitness clubs will pay you back for working out with Apple Watch

What: Apple is partnering up with some fitness clubs to pay you back for working out with Apple Watch in a new program called Apple Watch Connected.

How: Crunch Fitness, the YMCA, OrangeTheory, and Basecamp are all launch partners in the plan to help you either earn rewards or even pay for your new Apple Watch by working out in their clubs.

Why Do You Care: Apple is shifting health and fitness to the top of their strategic pile, trying to make it more attractive for you to own and use an Apple Watch. Rewards programs are popular across many markets and it’s only fitting it comes to one of the world’s most popular wearables.

People working out with Apple Watch
At OrangeTheory fitness clubs, members can get credit for workign out with their Apple Watch and, using the QTbealt Link band, sync their watch to OrangeTheory monitors.  Apple

Working out is its own reward, right? That rush of endorphins and the way your body eventually looks is all you need. Or is it? Sometimes we need a little more incentive, especially when visible results come slowly. Apple Watch Connected sounds like it might be just the kind of rewards-based program some of us need.

Apple and a small group of fitness club partners unveiled the initiative this week. In the Apple Watch Connected program, fitness club members use their Apple Watch, a Watch App, their iPhones, and, sometimes, Apple GymKit-enabled fitness equipment to earn various kinds of rewards for working out while wearing their Apple Watch.

The plans and rewards vary by partner and, at launch, will only be available in a handful of locations.

OrangeTheory built an iPhone and Apple Watch app and allows members to earn Apple and Nike gift cards. It’s launching in New York but the company plans to roll out Apple Watch Connected to all its 1200 locations throughout the year.

Crunch Fitness, on the other hand, has opted for earning membership dues deductions and is launching in just a couple of New York gyms. A nationwide rollout will follow.

Basecamp will track participation in fitness classes and allow members to earn back the cost of an Apple Watch Series 5 with GPS (about $399).

YMCA members can complete digital health challenges to earn rewards that go toward local community initiatives. The launch, though, is limited to the YMCA Twin Cities Associa in Minnesotation in Minnesota.

In addition to the watch and apps, Apple Watch Connected requires that the fitness centers implement Apple Pay. This should be a plus for members who might like to wear little more than their workout clothes and an Apple Watch but still be able to buy a smoothie after a particularly intense workout.

Via: Business Insider