Apple Stores Start Selling Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watch with Milanese Loop

Is that Sports Band not quite dressy enough for you to wear to the office? Milanese loop causing issues during your workout? Now you can purchase additional bands for your Apple Watch from the Apple Store to swap out when you need a new look.

The bands showing up in stores are a good sign for Apple Watch customers who are still waiting on their Apple Watch preorder to arrive. Bands were suspected to be one of the things holding back the shipment of initial orders, now that they’re starting to pop up in stores, it’s safe to say that preorder customers who haven’t received their Watch yet should in the near future.

As for your options, you’re looking at the same thing in-store that you can get online and with an initial Watch purchase. Most of the bands come in both 38mm and 42mm sizes, and availability will vary depending on the Apple Store you visit. If you don’t want to make the trek out to a store the bands are available for purchase online as well, however, like the Apple Watch, you might have to wait a few weeks before they show up.

Available Models

  • Sports Band: The Sports band comes in Black with a Space Gray Stainless Steel Pin, Black, White, Pink, Blue, and Green.
  • Milanese Loop: The woven stainless steel mesh band has an adjustable magnetic closure and a look that would work for both work and play.
  • Classic Buckle: The Classic Buckle is made out of Dutch leather that has been milled for subtle texture and has a stainless steel closure.
  • Leather Loop: The leather loop is made out of quilted Venezia leather and has an adjustable magnetic closure. The band is only available in the 42mm size and comes in Stone, Light Brown, Black, and Bright Blue.
  • Modern Buckle: The Modern Buckle is made out of smooth Granada leather and has a two-piece magnetic closure. The buckle is only available for the 38mm Watch and comes in Black, Pink, Midnight Blue, and Brown.
  • Link Bracelet: The Link Bracelet is the most expensive of all of the bands sold by Apple. The band is made out of 316L stainless steel alloy and has a custom butterfly closure.

In addition to the bands being sold by Apple, there are a number of third-party accessory makers working on creating their own unique bands for the watch as well. Earlier this month, Apple launched a new ​“Made for Apple Watch” program, where it provided the specifications for the watch to developers in the hopes that they would create their own accessories for the wearable.

Much like Apple’s “Made for iPhone” program, the program sets forth a number of criteria that companies have to meet with the bands that they create in order to earn the “Made for Apple Watch” designation.

A few companies have already started to show off some of the bands they have in the works for the Watch, including a few options that include backup battery power. As those bands start to earn the "Made for Apple Watch" designation, we may see them start to show up for sale in Apple Stores as well.