Awesome Apple Watch Accessories To Buy as Gifts

Take your loved one's Apple Watch to the next level with these accessories

If you're shopping for a gift for an Apple Watch owner, you have a ton of choices. Since the Apple Watch's launch, Apple has unveiled a ton of new accessories for the Apple Watch, and it's made some of the Apple Watch's schematics available to third-party developers who have created everything from cases and straps to charging stands for the device.

Finding the perfect gift is as easy as heading down to your local Apple Store. if you're searching for inspiration, here are a few of our favorite accessories for the Apple Watch.

An Extra Strap $50+

One of the greatest things about the Apple Watch is how easy it is to change the strap (here's how). That means that even though you might originally purchase your Apple Watch with something like the casual sports band, you can always upgrade it to something a little classier, such as leather strap or Milanese loop.

Apple sells a number of different straps both in store and online that you can purchase to go along with the Apple Watch. While there are a number of different models on the market now, the straps will work with everything from the low-priced Apple Watch Series 1 to the $10,000 Apple Watch Edition from last year.

Since all Apple straps out there will work for every single Apple Watch, as a buyer you end up with a ton of different choices. Apple has also started releasing seasonal bands, so you have some limited-edition choices as well.

If you’re shopping for a band as a gift, try to keep in mind the general style of the person you’re shopping for. If they already have a sports band, but work in a nice office, then maybe consider getting them something for work. Likewise, if the person you’re shopping for already has a number of nicer bands for the watch, then you might want to consider purchasing them something more casual.

If you’re concerned about your Apple Watch battery making through an entire day, then the WiPowerBand might be an excellent choice. The band isn’t exactly the most attractive watch band option on the block, but it has a built in 250mAh lithium-polymer battery to make sure the wearable keeps ticking well into the night. The 38mm version of the band is $89.99, while the 42mm version is priced at $99.99.

Apple Watch bands in general start at around $50 and increase from there when you purchase them from the official Apple Store. There are also a ton of third-party retailers that sell their own versions at varying prices. Some are priced on-par with Apple’s versions; however, many of them are considerably cheaper. If you’re shopping for someone who might switch their band out often, then a handful of inexpensive bands might take for a nice stocking stuffer. 

A Watch Stand $25+

If you own an Apple Watch, then charging your Apple Watch is likely a pain. In order to charge the device you have to place the watch on the special magnetic charger made by Apple. That’s well and good, but when you’re looking at just a cable, you end up with it slipping off your nightstand during the day while the watch isn’t connected, or just giving whenever it’s plugged in a cluttered look in general.

An easy way around that issue is a watch stand. There are a TON of Apple Watch stands on the market now. One of our favorites is the WatchStand Powered Charging Station by Griffin. At $60, it’s a little less expensive than some of the other options out there, which is always a plus. Our favorite part of the stand; however, is that it works as an iPhone charging station as well. That can be key in keeping things organized on your nightstand or wherever you’re charging your devices.

In all honestly, most of us are likely charging our Apple Watch and our iPhone at the same time each day.  For me, that involves plugging everything in right before I go to bed. With the WatchStand, you’re able to place your Apple Watch and your phone side by side and charge them together. Arguably you could do the same thing by simple plugging them both into the same outlet, but there’s something great about having both of them together , and organized, for when you wake up in the morning and need to get them.

The WatchStand has built-in cable management for the iPhone and Apple Watch to keep things streamlined and looking good, and has room in the inside of its post to store the rest of your Apple Watch’s charging chord (that thing is long!).

The stand portion of the device can hold both the 38mm and 42mm versions of the Apple Watch, and the Watch can be positioned vertically or horizontally. That means that if you have the stand set up on your bedside table you can still take advantage of the Apple Watch’s nightstand mode.

Apple purists can still get into the watch stand game with Apple's official charging dock. Unveiled last November, the $79 is essentially just a round disc where you can place your Apple Watch when it needs a charge. The disc still requires you have your Apple Watch charging cable (as most do), which makes its $79 price tag a little more difficult to swallow. That said, for people who love the signature Apple "look" the official Apple Watch dock is probably right up your alley.

CandyShell Protector $20+

If you’re shopping for someone who is a bit clumsy, then a protective case for the Apple Watch can be a great idea. Just like a case for your iPhone, an Apple Watch case can protect your Apple Watch from bumps and bruises during everyday use.

Speck is known for its cases for the iPhone. The company unveiled a version of its popular case made just for the Apple Watch as well. The protective plastic case is available in a clear color as well as colors that match the Apple Watch’s Sports bands, and puts a protective shell over the Watch. 

To be honest, the case definitely bulks up your Apple Watch, but if you’re someone who works in  an environment where your Watch might get a few bumps and bruises during thee day, or if you live a particularly active lifestyle, then Speck’s Candyshell for the Apple Watch might be just what the doctor ordered.

The case is exceptionally easy to take on and off, and gives your Apple Watch an extra layer of protection to handle battle with whatever life might throw at it during the day.  Even better, the cases are just $25, so you won’t break the bank keeping your watch protected.

As someone who managed to crack the screen of her Apple Watch accidentally during her first few weeks of ownership, I really love that I can add a layer of protection to my Apple Watch when I know I'm abut to wear it into a situation where it might potentially get a little beat up.

Apple Watch Case

When it comes to the Apple Watch, in most cases pacing what you need for the device involves simply throwing that (very long) cable awkwardly in your suitcase and hoping it doesn’t get tangled up with your iPhone cable that’s also in there and all your other stuff.

Twelve South is known for making amazing accessories for Apple products and its TimePorter for Apple Watch is one of our favorites.

The devices is both a case for transporting your Watch as well as a stand for charging it. Inside you can store your  Apple Watch, of course, but there’s also room for extra bands and your cables and USB charger. That means not only can you bring everything you want with you, you can do it in a safe and organized way.

The case itself becomes the charging stand which is both genius and ensures you don’t accidentally leave it behind in a hotel room. When it’s time to charge, you just position the charging disk from the Apple Watch charger into a slot on the top of the case. Snap your Apple Watch on, and you’ll be on your way to a fully-charged watch.

We really love how easy it makes it for you to bring everything along with you (having an extra band on the road is always nice!), and the case turning into a travel stand is a magical thing that once you use it, you’ll likely not know how you ever traveled without it.

We also really like this charging case for the Apple Watch. It's not quite ready for production just yet, but we love the idea of being able to charge the Apple Watch while you're transporting it. You're able to kill two birds with one store, and keep your Apple Watch protected while you're on your way to your next big adventure.

More than just a case, Amber also has an accompanying app that adds a bit of additional functionality. Specifically, the app is able to send you a push notification when your Apple Watch is fully charged (so you don’t have to keep checking on it), and the app can help you find the entire case if you happen to misplace it. The tracking is done through Bluetooth, so it’s more something that will help you figure out where you left the case in your home rather than something that will help you track it down if it’s stolen (Bluetooth has a short range); however, still a fairly useful feature if you tend to be a bit forgetful with your gadgets.