Apple Watch Series 7: News, Price, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors

Could we see wrist unlocking and blood sugar monitoring?

Apple Watch Series 7 renders in red, green, and blue
Apple Watch Series 7 renders.

Jon Prosser / Rendersbyian

Despite releasing two smartwatches in 2020, Apple’s solid history of a yearly update tells us there's also a 7th gen Apple Watch arriving this Fall. What could we get? Patents and rumors point to the possibility of a different design, greater battery life, a new way to unlock the watch, and monitoring tech to keep tabs on your blood pressure and blood sugars.

When Will Apple Watch Series 7 Be Released?

There’s been a distinct schedule for Apple Watch releases since Series 1. Using past release dates as our gauge, we should see the next one drop this September.

Since 2020 saw an SE version, we could be getting a second iteration of the SE this year, too.

Lifewire’s Release Date Estimate

Apple releases a new watch every September, so the 7th generation Apple Watch will indeed arrive in the same month in 2021. If the SE is getting an upgrade this year, Apple will announce it at the same type of event.

Apple Watch Series 7 Price Rumors

The base models for Series 6, 5, and 4 Apple Watches launched at USD 399, so we expect the same price for this year’s base model. If Apple releases an SE version, we expect the same price as the 6th gen SE at around $280.

However, if every feature listed below actually comes to fruition, we could see a price hike.

Pre-Order Information

All the pre-order details will come out during the official announcement in September.  

Apple Watch Series 7 Features

With months still to go before the subsequent Apple Watch launches, any mentions of features are speculation. Here's what the rumors are saying:

  • More battery power: One problem with expanding a device's juice is that you have to work with its small form factor; a battery can only be so big. Apple could get around this without drastically enlarging the watch body if they employ one of their patents, which would allow for the watch band to include batteries. Sure, it would take longer to charge the entire watch, but extra power, especially in a smartwatch, is always needed.
  • Wrist unlock: While it doesn't sound as commonplace as fingerprint unlock, this might be what we're looking at if this light field camera patent goes into use with the next Apple Watch. Similar to your finger or face unlocking your phone, you might use your forearm or wrist to prove that you're the watch owner.
  • AssistiveTouch: As confirmed in a press release, users with limited mobility will be able to use the watch more easily through hand gestures and subtle movements. This includes answering calls, navigating a cursor, accessing notifications, and more.
  • Blood glucose tracking: Tracking blood sugar directly from an Apple Watch without a secondary device would be huge, whether you're diabetic or simply interested in monitoring it. It's not clear if this Apple patent is referring to blood glucose, specifically, but it does mention a "system for measuring a concentration of a substance." As handy as it'd be, however, we might need to wait several years to see it.
  • Blood pressure monitoring: Like glucose tracking, Apple Watch can already be paired with other devices to track blood pressure. What we could see in the Series 7 is the built-in ability to read blood pressure. Various patents show Apple is interested in this tech.
  • Improved design: According to MacRumors, analyst and serial leaker Ming-Chi Kuo says the 2021 Apple Watch "will benefit from innovative health management functions and improved form factor design.” That isn't much detail to go on, but it’s looking like something will change in the design. A recent patent showing a wrap-around display is an interesting take at what a future watch could look like, but it's more likely we'll see a subtle flat-edged design.

Apple Watch Series 7 Specs and Hardware

Without official details on specs or features, all we can rely on right now is a patent and mockups.

YouTuber and leaker Jon Prosser had renders created from real pictures of the watch, so this is our best look at the design so far:

Apple Watch Series 7 render
Apple Watch Series 7 render.

Jon Prosser / Rendersbyian

The only other official information we have right now is patent 10,849,392, published in December 2020. It's for a watch that includes batteries in the band that can transfer power from there to the body. The band, according to Apple, can consist of an inner frame that has multiple slots, each slot configured to house a corresponding battery.

This can provide an additional power source for the smartwatch without increasing the size of a watch body. Also, since smartwatches already include watch bands, such embodiments provide additional power without adding an additional component to the watch band (such as, for example, a supplemental battery pack).
Apple Watch band illustration
Watch band inner architecture from patent US10849392B1.

Additional power is becoming crucial as smartwatches gain new tracking and monitoring abilities, especially when all the processing power needs to run continuously. Things like sleep tracking and other monitoring tasks, and faster hardware, all have power demands.

A Bloomberg report from March 2021 says that Apple might release a rugged version of the watch as an alternative model. It would function the same as the standard model but with "extra impact-resistance and protection."

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