Apple Unveils HomePod mini in Three New Colors

It comes in three new colors and has enhanced features

Apple has unveiled the newest iteration of its HomePod mini in three bright new colors: yellow, blue, and orange.

The mini was shown off at Apple’s October 2021 Event alongside other new devices and services. According to Apple, the device will support the new Apple Music Voice Plan and extend its voice recognition abilities.

New Homepod Mini


Apple will extend the device’s multi-user voice recognition feature to all regions where the HomePod mini is available. The feature allows Siri to recognize multiple voices in a household, and with the feedback obtained from the voice, users can enjoy music specifically tailored to them.

Homepod Mini Transfer


Additional changes coming to the Homepod mini include more voice options for Siri and Apple TV controls that allow users to turn on the display or play the movie using the device.

The new colorful HomePod minis will have the same price tag as their greyscale counterparts at $99, and will be available across 17 countries, including the United States, China, India, and Canada. The devices will be available for purchase in November.

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