Apple tvOS 15 Launches September 20

New categories, hardware features, and more

Apple announced an update for the Apple TV, tvOS 15, during the company’s recent online event that will bring some new features to the device.

According to tech news site Cord Cutters News, the update is expected to launch on September 20 for eligible devices and includes new categories, as well as hardware updates to improve the watching experience.

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The two new categories are: "For All of You" and "Shared With You." For All of You suggests movies and shows that you or someone else in your household might be interested in. These suggestions go beyond Apple’s content to include programs from other services, too.

Shared With You showcases all of the movies and shows shared with you via text message on your iPhone.

The update also includes hardware support. Spatial audio simulates the theater experience when wearing your connected AirPods Pro or AirPods Max by providing high-quality surround sound. In addition, smart AirPods Routing is an improved-upon feature that makes it easier to connect your AirPods, and Apple TV now provides a notification when they connect.

Apple TV also is enhancing home security by displaying multiple connected HomeKit cameras at once. And if you have two HomePod mini speakers, they can be connected to your Apple TV for richer sound.

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Another feature, SharePlay, won’t be available until later; Apple didn't say when. SharePlay lets users host watch parties with other people on eligible devices via Group FaceTime. It also will work with Group Workout, which allows you to exercise with friends via FaceTime.

tvOS 15 will be available on the most recent devices, including Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K.

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