Apple TV Won't Turn On? How to Fix It

Try these troubleshooting tips to find the reason and get it working

There is nothing worse than sitting down with your Apple TV only to discover it won't turn on. If your Apple TV doesn't turn on successfully, try these fixes to get back to binge-watching.

Information in this article applies to all Apple TV models through Apple TV 4K.

Apple TV screen

Reasons an Apple TV Won't Turn On

Most of the reasons an Apple TV won't turn on are related to power, cables, and connections. These are relatively easy to test for. It is possible the Apple TV has a software problem. That's fixable, but it isn't easy to fix. Leave that one for last.

How to Fix an Apple TV That Won't Turn On

To begin troubleshooting your Apple TV, locate the indicator light. The small LED is on the front of the Apple TV. The status of the light is a guide to the likely problem and fix. Then try the following fixes.

  1. Restart the Apple TV. Unplug the Apple TV from the outlet. Wait five seconds and then plug it back in. A restart can fix many problems you may experience with the Apple TV.

  2. Reseat the HDMI cable. Unplug the HDMI cable from both the Apple TV and television. Then plug both ends back in again. This action forces the signal to refresh. When the Apple TV status indicator light is stable, the problem is most likely with the TV or the connection to the TV.

  3. Try a different HDMI cable. The current one you're using may be faulty and the root of the problem.

  4. Check the HDMI input. Confirm the television is on the proper HDMI input for the Apple TV. Check the back of the television to see which port the Apple TV is plugged into. If the TV has multiple ports, try a different one starting with HDMI 1 or Input 1.

  5. Check the power outlet. When you don't see an Apple TV indicator light, be sure that the Apple TV is plugged into the wall and the socket is correctly receiving power. If the outlet works correctly, use a different Apple TV power cord if one is available.

  6. Restore the Apple TV software. If the Apple TV status indicator light flashes for more than a minute, the Apple TV may be experiencing a software problem and needs to be restored using your PC or Mac.

If You Still Can't Turn It On

There's a limited amount of troubleshooting you can perform at home for your Apple TV. If the Apple TV still doesn't work after trying these fixes, either call the Apple support number or take the unit to a local Apple Store for repair. A technician can provide proper assistance for the product.

If you intend to take your Apple TV in for service at a local Apple Store, make an appointment online with the Genius Bar. This prevents you from waiting in the walk-in queue at the store.

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