Apple TV+ Comes to Xfinity, Offers Free Previews

And a three-month free trial for Xfinity customers

The rollout has begun for Apple TV+ on Comcast's Xfinity devices—starting with the Xfinity X1, Xfinity Flex, and XClass TV and expanding to all other eligible devices over the next few weeks.

Comcast has announced its plans—which are already underway—to make Apple TV+ available to its Xfinity customers, complete with free trials and preview options. Peter Stern, Apple's Vice President of Services, stated in the press release, "Apple TV+ offers the highest quality programming from the finest creators in the world... Our work with Comcast lights up that experience for tens of millions of new devices, and we are thrilled that so many Comcast customers have a compelling way to enjoy their new favorite shows on Apple TV+."

Apple TV + Xfinity


Xfinity customers won't have to decide whether to join up based purely on the buzz surrounding its shows, however. Those who aren't subscribed to Apple's streaming service have the option of a free three-month trial if they sign up to try it out before April 25.

Additionally, starting March 15 and running through March 21, Xfinity users will be able to preview the first seasons of several series at no cost. There won't even be a sign-up requirement—the option to check them out will just be there.

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If you have Xfinity and want to take a look at what Apple TV+ has available, you can use the voice remote to either say "Apple TV Plus" or the name of a specific show you want to preview.

Apple TV+ is available now for Xfinity X1, Xfinity Flex, and XClass TV users.

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