5 Great Apple TV Party Games For Everyone

You and Your Family Will Love These Fun Apple TV Party Games

Apple TV gets in on the party with these great games
Your TV can keep everyone engaged and entertained.

There is much more to life than just watching TV. Friends and family make the world go round, and even the most dedicated Apple TV owner is going to want to make a little time to have some fun with them. Here are five of the very best party games you’ll find for Apple TV. Give them a try next time you are all together and want a little fun.

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Tap Tap Party

Cute character make this addictive set of games.

Up to four of you can play Tap Tap Party. It consists of a selection of delightful little racing games, and you play by touch using your Siri Remote, iOS device, Apple Watch or MiFi controller.

The games are highly visual, with a range (ten) of cutely hilarious player characters and nicely designed scenes. What’s compelling about this collection is that each game is bite-sized and, despite the cuteness of its execution, gameplay is actually quite hard

Incredibly well received, this is a great casual game if you’re looking for a little more fun at a family party. It manages to be both highly addictive and deeply frustrating -- a real challenge for everyone.

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SketchParty TV

Can You Guess the Word?.

This great game is a little like Pictionary. A drawing game for two teams of up to eight players per team, each player gets five words to draw in two minutes.

You don’t draw on the television, of course, you need to use a compatible iPad or iPad Pro with AirPlay Mirroring enabled. This means you draw on your iOS device and see the image appear on the TV screen.

The object of the game is for your team to guess the word you are trying to draw (so, no peeking), and the team with the most points wins. It’s a fun, participative and yet competitive game everyone can enjoy, and it's a little bit creative, too.

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Just Dance Now

Something for those Dancing Feet.

Want something a little more physical? If you're a mover and shaker, we got you covered with Ubisoft’s instant classic, Just Dance Now. Play with friends or on your own, the game offers 100 tracks to dance to, though you need to pay to access all of them.

When you dance you must hold the Apple TV Remote (or an iOS device running the Remote app) in your right hand and try to imitate the moves being made by the person you can see on the screen.

You earn points for getting the movement right and you can use these points (or pay) to unlock more tunes. There is also an online mode in which you play head-to-head against other people playing the game.

Keeps you fit, too!

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Can you Increase the Voltsock in time?.

If you don’t want to dance and don’t want to draw, but you’re looking for something social that gives you a chance to think and shout, take a look at the award-winning Spaceteam. Appletell calls it, “A perfect example of what social gaming could and should be.” It’s a cooperative party game for 2-4 players.

This is what the game is about: You are all in space on a craft that is falling apart, and teamwork is essential if you want to avoid doom. Each player needs a mobile device and will be assigned a random control panel festooned with buttons and dials.

The game is designed to be incredibly confusing -- that's its intention. In a very participative way, it attempts to drive each team member right to the edge of their ability, giving them a combination of social, memory, and problem-solving challenges along the way. 

During the game, each team member will be given time-sensitive instructions, but these must be shared and coordinated in real time with your shipmates, and some instructions require you to work to a schedule. One of you is in charge of the master controller on the TV. It’s both silly and thrilling. It requires shouting. Fun.

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Fibbage XL

Which of your Nearest and Dearest Friends and Family Members is the best Liar?.

From the makers of Don’t Know Jack, Fibbage is a party game with a difference: you need to bluff and lie your way to victory while figuring out when someone is lying to you.

The game’s based on real-world stories, which means some of the outrageous stories you have to tell aren’t actually lies at all! The questions appear on screen, and each player enters their lie, then you all get to decide if any are true.

Gameplay is fast and incredibly addictive – there are only seven questions in every round, but you just can't stop playing. The action takes place on the TV screen and is controlled using a smartphone or tablet.

Games Everyone Can Enjoy

These are just five of the growing forest of fun-focused games you can enjoy on your Apple TV, why not give a few of them a go!