Apple TV Coming to Comcast’s Video Platforms

No official release date has been given

Comcast has announced that it's bringing the Apple TV app to its platforms, including the Xfinity X1 streaming service, Flex set-top box, and the XClass 4K TVs.

According to Variety, the deal was announced during the company's Q3 earnings call ,as Apple and Comcast aim to extend the reach of their services and platforms. The Apple TV app also will be coming to Comcast's XiOne streaming device in Italy and Germany and Sky Glass TVs in the United Kingdom.

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Owners of any of these devices or services will have access to Apple TV Plus, the vast iTunes library, and select third-party channels such as Paramount Plus and Showtime. Comcast also confirmed that it will allow access to other Apple TV features and third-party services and apps, such as HBO Max and Hulu.

It also was revealed during the call that Comcast's Xfinity Stream and Sky Go streaming apps will be launching on Apple TV set-top boxes. However, details are sparse, and it's unknown how Apple owners will benefit from this exchange.

Comcast already sells many of the features listed to its customers.

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Currently, there are no set dates for an official release. However, during the call, a Comcast representative stated that the Apple TV app will launch on these platforms in "the coming months."

There was also no mention of when the Xfinity and Sky Go apps will make their debut.

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