Apple TV Can Help You Find a New Home

Your Apple TV can help you find your next home

It may seem strange but when it comes to buying or renting your new home you and your whole family can work together to figure out your next move, using an Apple TV and this selection of apps. In most cases the apps work in conjunction with iOS apps, so everyone can share their research on Apple TV while you all make up your mind about your next move.

Trulia Real Estate

Apple TV real estate

Trulia has introduced Apple TV and iOS apps to help you explore its lists of homes for sale and to rent. The app is highly visual with lots of images of places listed that you can search by listing address, street name, or area. You can also search for your next potential home in collections of things like, “Safe Neighborhoods,” or “Great Walk Scores.” When you find a place you like you can browse images and any available video walkthroughs on your TV. The app also provides information about the local area, so you can check for local schools or transportation lin

Zillow Real Estate

Zillow Apple TV real estate
Curated property listings with Zillow. Zillow

As you might expect, Zillow offers its own Apple TV app including video channel, Zillow TV. The app works with its iPhone and iPad equivalents, which means if you save a home to your Zillow account on one device you can recall it on the others. You can search properties by street, and location, and explore collections of video and images of places you like. When you find somewhere you do like the look of you can also browse nearby for-sale homes, as well as digging out information about local area, amenities, and mortgage advice.

Homesnap Real Estate and Rentals

Homesnap Apple TV real estate
Throw your next home. Homesnap

Homesnap’s map-based real estate app lets you create your own search filters and then presents you with images of those places. Using this app you’ll be able to browse homes and unearth a host of interesting information about those that interest you, including valuable data such as previous selling prices, estimated property taxes and local housing market movements. The app syncs with similar apps on iOS devices and lets you share properties easily just by  “throwing” the Apple TV a listing with an upwards swipe on your iPhone screen. 

Patch Property for Generation Rent

Generation rent
Generation rent. Jumper

Featured as a flagship app by Apple when it launched Apple TV last year, Patch Property calls itself, “the App for Renters”. Available in the UK -- US readers can use Zumper (illustrated) -- both apps let you explore properties for rent across the country, by city, place and postal code, flicking between each property with your Apple remote. You can browse nearby listings, save Favorites and change search terms using the slightly hard to find filters button to the left side of the app. Each property listing includes great images and property listings as provided by the relevant real estate firm. 

Luxury Real Estate for the One Percenters

One Percenters Club
Luxury Homes on your TV. Luxury Real Estate

If you are one of those few fortunate enough to own a place like this, congratulations are in order. Meanwhile, for the rest of us, the Luxury Real Estate app provides a glimpse inside some of the world’s most luxurious homes, from villas in the lush Italian countryside to multimillion-dollar condominiums in Silicon Valley.  The app is published by an international luxury real estate specialist and lets you flick through some of the world’s most gorgeous houses.

When You Find Your New Home

There goes the neighbourhood
What's the Crime Rate?. Spotcrime

Once you find your new potential home there are some apps that should help with the rest of the process. You might use the Magic Plan iPhone app to help make a floorplan fast, or the SQFT real estate app to help you create a professional looking listing to post on the biggest real estate marketing portals. It also makes sense to check local crime rates while you try to make a purchasing decision, using the SpotcrimeTV app. Finally, once you’ve made a decision to buy you may want to take a look at Houzz, a nicely-designed app that helps you plan home decoration and search for local contractors.

A Work in Progress

With the future of TV being apps it's no surprise your television now lets you take a look at images of places you might want to move into, but in future I imagine we'll see more real-time collaboration, too: it seems inevitable we shall be able to explore street views, speak to local people and really connect with these new locations as we explore.