Apple TV lets you watch what you want, when you want, from wherever you want. Discover how to stream your favorites shows and troubleshoot any problems.

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A woman lowers the volume on her Apple TV using an iPhone.
How to Turn Down the Volume on Apple TV
A couple sitting on a sofa smiling and watching TV
Is an Apple TV Worth It?
Setting Apple TV to forget a Wi-Fi network on a television.
How to Forget a Wi-Fi Network on Apple TV
A woman watching a video on her TV and phone at the same time
Stream Video from an iPhone to Apple TV
12 Apple TV 4Ks in boxes
How to Fix It When Your Apple TV Keeps Turning Off
Illustration of a couple watching TV with subtitles on
How to Turn off Subtitles on Apple TV
The new Siri remote with an Apple TV 4K
How to Use the Redesigned Apple TV 4K Siri Remote (2021)
An Apple TV Siri Remote
How to Charge an Apple TV Remote
A couple watching TV on the couch and laughing
Use YouTube to watch live TV on your Apple TV
Screenshot of Disney+ on Apple TV
Start Streaming Disney+ on Apple TV
Sling TV app on Apple TV
How to Watch Sling with Apple TV
Apple TV 4K vs. Roku Premiere
Apple TV vs. Roku: Which Do-It-All Digital Media Box Is Best for You?
Illustration showing a woman using an Apple TV to watch a show on her television
What Is Apple TV? How Does It Work?
Apple TV at the base of a tv showing the apple tv 2 native apps
All About the Second Generation Apple TV
Snowy mountainscape
How to Make Apple TV Screen Savers
A selection of apps available in the Apple TV App Store.
How to Use the Apple TV App Store
Illustration of a person putting an Apple TV to Sleep
How to Turn off an Apple TV
Illustration of a person comparing the Pros and Cons of different Apple TV models
Charting the Evolution of the Apple TV
Illustration showing which apple tv models you can install apps on.
Can You Install Apps on the Apple TV? Depends on the Model
Apple TV 4K sixth generation with Siri Remote.
Apple TV 6th Generation: Price, Release Date, and News
Apple TV and remote
Everything You Need to Use Your Apple TV Siri Remote
watching Apple TV
There Are More Ways to Turn Off Your Apple TV Than You Knew
Apple TV showing on a large screen television.
How to Get Plex on Your Apple TV
Senior man using smart TV apps on digital tablet in dark living room
Here's How to Control Apple TV With Your Android
A boy watching Apple TV
What You Need to Know Before Buying an Apple TV
Person watching Amazon Prime Video on an Apple TV
Watch Your Favorite Amazon Prime Videos on Apple TV
Apple TV 4K on Television Screen
Apple TV Not Turning On? Here's how to fix it.
Apple TV showing on a large screen television
Watch Your Vudu Movies on Apple TV
Illustration of a person trying to troubleshoot Apple TV problems.
Apple TV Problems and How to Solve Them
Apple Launches Upgraded iPod
How to Factory Reset Your Apple TV
A pair of legs sticking out of a couch
How to Use an Apple TV Without Your Apple TV Siri Remote
man controlling Apple TV with iPad
Three Simple Ways to Delete Apps From Your Apple TV
Apple TV under a spotlight
Close Apple TV Apps Without Blinking an Eye
Ten steps to make your Apple TV access entertainment services
How to Troubleshoot Apple TV Connection Problems
VLC on Apple TV
How to Use VLC to Stream Almost Anything to Your Apple TV
Montage of diverse people, places and things
How to Share Your Photos Using Apple TV
Apps on the Apple TV
How to Update tvOS for Apple TV
Apple TV iOS 11 Control Center
Lost the Apple TV Remote? iPhone to the Rescue!
Family sitting on couch watching TV and using devices
The Apple TV Isn't a Single-User System
A photo of a couple watching TV using their Apple TV
15 Awesome Things You Probably Didn't Know You Can Do With Apple TV
Games screen in Apple TV app store
You Will Love These Fun Apple TV Party Games
Couple dancing in front of a vintage TV/jukebox
How To Turn Your Apple TV Into a Celestial Jukebox
Man sitting in chair in front of a semi-circle of video monitors
Facebook Just Became Better on Apple TV
how to install apps on the apple tv
How to Get Great Apps for Your Apple TV
How to use Sonos with Apple TV
Everything You Need to Know to Use an Apple TV with a Sonos Playbar
The Apple TV 4K and remote
How to Use Apple TV Single Sign-On
Two women on couch watching Apple TV, which is out of the frame
Here's How the Apple TV Program Guide Makes TV Great Again
Apple XS Smartphone in Hand with Group of Streaming Applications
How to Set up Your Apple TV Using Your iPhone
A Star is Born Apple TV promotional image
Let's Check Out the Key Features of tvOS, from tvOS9 to tvOS 14
Twitter for Sports Fans
Twitter Brings Free NFL, MLB, and NBA Games to Apple TV
Siri is Inside your Remote Control
Do You Know the Ways to Enter Text on Your Apple TV?

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