The Latest Apple TV 6 Rumors

All the news about what the Apple TV 6th generation will deliver

There's a lot of interest in what the 6th generation Apple TV box is going to offer to users. And with good reason! Our new golden age of television is being driven in part by Netflix, Amazon, and Apple (along with plenty of others) pouring billions into new and award-winning shows. Most of these shows are only available via streaming and you need to get a device from Roku, Amazon, Google, or Apple to enjoy them.

Apple TV.
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The most recent new Apple TV model was the Apple TV 4K, released in Sept. 2017, which means it's just about time for a new model (or models!) to debut. While Apple has yet to announced the Apple TV 6, the rumor mill is churning with ideas about what it will offer and when we’ll be able to get our hands on one.

The Current Model: Apple TV 4K. Want to learn more about the current-generation Apple TV? The Apple TV 4K includes a number of long-rumored features, including 4K video support and faster performance. For more on the upgraded set-top box, Compare Every Model of the Apple TV.

What To Expect from the 6th Generation Apple TV (2020) 

  • Multiple models and form factors
  • Siri improvements
  • A revised remote control
  • Improved internal hardware
  • Integrated Apple streaming video service
  • Lower prices.

Expected Apple TV Release Date: 2020
Expected Price: $69-$199

More Information on the Next-Generation Apple TV Rumors

While these features and offerings are all still rumors and conjecture until Apple makes an official announcement, the 6th generation Apple TV device may include the following features.

Multiple Models and Form Factors

While Apple offers a single Apple TV model — a hockey-puck-sized black square — other streaming device makers have a much wider variety of options. From boxes to dongles like the Chromecast to tiny sticks that plug into TV USB ports like the Amazon Fire TV and the Roku Streaming Stick, there are a lot of options out there (and a lot of price points, too). Given the popularity of the smaller devices, and Apple's need to sell more hardware to pair with its streaming video service (more on that later), expect the next-generation Apple TV to come in a number of shapes, sizes, and prices.

Improved Siri Features

The 4th Generation Apple TV and Apple TV 4K already support Siri — it's how you can search for movies and TV shows by voice — but expect the Apple TV 6 to do a lot more with Siri. Apple's HomePod smart speaker provides a good idea of what improved Siri features in an Apple TV might look like. Forget speaking into the remote control to use Siri as you do now. The next-generation Apple TV could allow you to simply talk out loud and have the set-top box hear and respond to you. We could also see support for Siri via the wireless AirPod earbuds delivered with this model.

Revised Remote

The Siri Remote control that comes with the Apple TV is one of the device's most controversial features. Many people find it slippery, hard to figure out, and just plain too small. It's a pretty solid bet that the 2020 Apple TV will include a revised remote control. While modifications to its form factor are likely, some other interesting rumors for the remote include the Touch ID fingerprint scanner integrated into the remote for use in authorizing purchases, logging into accounts, and for security.

Improved Internals: Faster Performance and More Storage

The Apple TV 4K is snappy in terms of performance, whether you're streaming video or playing games. Apple has made big strides in the performance of the A-series processors used in the iPhone and iPad since the Apple TV was released, so you should expect the Apple TV 6 to benefit from those chips. A speedier processor will come in most handy with games, where the Apple TV will deliver performance that begins to rival some dedicated gaming consoles.

While not a major upgrade, storage-capacity increases are common with new generations of Apple products. The Apple TV 4K offers 32GB and 64GB of storage, which is the same storage that the previous generation had, too. As games and apps become ever-more-hungry for storage, expect the Apple TV 6 to offer something like 64GB and 128GB (or more) of storage.

Apple Streaming Video Service

Apple's streaming video service won't be exclusive to the 6th Generation Apple TV, but it will be a big selling point for the device. As Apple increasingly focuses on selling services and not just hardware, a monthly subscription-based streaming video offering will be a big element of that strategy.

Lower Price

The Apple TV 4K is relatively expensive, running US$179-$199, while competing devices from Amazon, Google, and Roku cost as little as US$35. Since Apple seems to be particularly interested in selling subscriptions to its streaming video service, it's easy to imagine Apple TV price cuts being used to tempt subscribers. If the 6th Generation Apple TV does deliver multiple shapes and sizes, expect that some of those models will start at well under $100.

Unlikely, But Interesting, Rumors

There are always some rumors floating around that are unlikely to happen (and least with this model) but still worth thinking about. Some far-fetched, but interesting, rumors about the 2020 Apple TV include:

  • Face ID: Some rumors suggest that Apple could bring its Face ID facial recognition technology to the Apple TV. It would be used for unlocking the device, authorizing purchases, loading personalized settings, and more. This is less likely since it would require the addition of a camera to the Apple TV hardware and that wouldn't work with smaller form factors.
  • The end of the Apple TV: Apple made big news early in 2019 when it announced a series of deals to integrate iTunes, AirPlay 2, Homekit, and other key technologies in TVs made by Samsung, LG, Sony, and others. While this was seen generally as a step preparing for the launch of the streaming video service, it could also be the first step to the end of the Apple TV. After all, if you can get all of Apple's video technologies built into your TV, why buy the hardware? It seems unlikely that Apple would make such a radical move right now, but it's not impossible.

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