Apple Is Bringing Its 'Today at Apple' Sessions to YouTube

Now you can get creative anywhere

Apple’s Today at Apple sessions have been popular with fans both in-store and online since the series launched in 2017, but starting today viewers will be able to enjoy the creative sessions from anywhere in the world on the company’s YouTube channel.

According to an emailed statement from Apple, the first 10-minute episode, slated to launch today, will feature Apple Store Creative Pro Anthony, teaching viewers how to digitally draw themselves as Peanuts characters in Apple Pages, with the assistance of professional storyboard artist Krista Porter and Mark Evestaff, showrunner for The Snoopy Show on Apple TV+. The company says new episodes will follow.

Apple brings its 'Today at Apple' sessions to YouTube

Apple, Inc.

Guided by Apple Store Creatives, viewers will get advice on creative projects ranging from photo and video to art and design. Offering approaches inspired by global artists selected by Apple, Apple pros will offer insights into some of the company’s favorite artists’ techniques.

Sessions will be filmed in locations across the world and will feature Apple team members showcasing their artistic experience and expertise across a range of creative fields.

In addition to its past in-store events, the Today at Apple went virtual in February 2021, offering sessions to empower small businesses with creative skills like photography.

Apple brings its 'Today at Apple' sessions to YouTube

Apple, Inc.

"The Apple team members that will host each video are Creative Pros, who can be found in Apple Stores around the world. Experts in different areas of the creative arts, each brings their own perspective and experience to Today at Apple sessions in store and online," an Apple representative told Lifewire in an emailed statement.

The best part? To attend, all you have to do is visit the company’s YouTube channel and hit "Play."

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