Apple to Add Fourth-Generation iPad to List of Obsolete Gadgets

Welcome to the scrap pile, old friend

It seems like yesterday that the fourth-generation Apple iPad was the must-have holiday gift of 2012, and now it is heading to that great gadget repository in the sky. 

According to a company memo sent out Monday and obtained by MacRumors, Apple’s fourth-gen iPad will be added to the official list of obsolete gadgets and already has been added to the list of vintage gadgets. Apple considers a product obsolete once active distribution has ceased for more than seven years. 

iPad 4 Obsolete

Tyler Franta

What does this mean for current fourth-generation iPad users? The company will not service the hardware for any reason. Additionally, third-party service providers will not be able to order parts for the once-groundbreaking tablet.

The only instance in which Apple will service obsolete hardware is in the case of a Mac notebook needing a battery replacement.

The fourth-generation Apple iPad launched with much fanfare in November 2012. The tablet was the first to feature a Lightning connector and the first to include the company’s A6X mobile chipset, which doubled CPU and graphics performance over the third-generation iPad.

It also included the newly minted Retina display and storage options up to 128GB. 

The fourth-gen iPad won’t be alone in the scrap heap. According to the same memo, the company also classified the late 2012 model Mac mini as an obsolete product. 

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