Apple Store App Gets Annual 'Let it Snow' Feature

This easter egg is for the winter holidays

Thanks to a yearly holiday tradition, the Apple Store app can turn your screen into a snow globe. 

According to Apple Insider, this annual Christmas Easter egg is available on the Apple Store app. To get the snow globe effect, open the Apple Store app and search “let it snow” in the search bar, and your phone screen will be filled with fluttering snowflakes. 

Man on phone while it snows

Getty Images/FangXiaNuo

If you are using the app on your iPhone or iPad for holiday shopping, you can even shake your device, and the snow swirls around like an actual snow globe. The Apple Store app is free to download from the App Store. 

The Apple Store app has done some type of yearly snow globe easter egg for several years now and has become one of the tech company's holiday traditions. Other hidden Apple Store app easter eggs include giant floating "10" balloons for the app's 10th anniversary last year

Apple also has been known to hide surprising features in its keynote invites that come alive when you scan the invite with your iPhone. The October Apple event invite contained a graphic that had a "zooming into hyperspace" effect with the event's date. 

Although Apple has done Easter Eggs in the past, Google is much more well-known for its hidden easter eggs in its Play Store. For example, the Play Store has featured hidden mini-games, like an interactive hot air balloon game and the Chrome dino mini-game, which would appear when you had internet connection difficulties while using the Play Store.

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